Dapper Day Part 5 – Picture Perfect

Can you believe it is already November? Hopefully, by now you have your vintage, retro-inspired outfits ready for Dapper Day weekend at WDW (November 18-19). Your FastPasses have been chosen for the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT and you’re now patiently counting down the days until you get to feel the vintage magic of walking down Main Street looking your most dapper. But, there’s one more thing to plan: your photos!

Dapper Day is beyond fun, but it can also be a little distracting. One of those distractions is taking pictures. You will want to take a lot of photos to remember your awesome day, but don’t get too distracted by your need to capture every moment that you forget to have fun!

Dapper Day Part 5 - Picture Perfect 1

To make things simpler, here is a list of some of the best spots to take pictures during Dapper Day weekend.

  1. In front of the castle – This is a no-brainer. No trip to the Magic Kingdom is complete without one and Dapper Day is no exception.
  2. The purple wall – I’m with Michele Atwood on Team “I Don’t Get the Purple Wall,” but the photos are cute when you’re in your dapper outfit.
  3. Classic WDW rides – From Dumbo to Prince Charming’s Carrousel to the Tea Cups, there are plenty of fun photo opportunities at the classic, iconic Disney rides. These photos are especially cute because you look as though you are riding them on the opening day of the park!
  4. The Hub – Cute benches, nice grass and greenery, scenic background. What’s not to love?
  5. Liberty Square Riverboat – Is there anything classier than a ride on a riverboat with your parasol or bowler hat?
  6. In front of Spaceship Earth – The second Dapper Day is at EPCOT, making this a must.
  7. Countries that correspond with your bound – Bounding as Snow White? Head to Germany! Bounding as Aladdin? Head to Morocco! These pictures are always adorable!
  8. Lands that correspond with your bound – Similar to the one above. Bounding as Jane? Take pictures in Adventureland! Bounding as Gaston? Take pictures by the Tavern!
  9. Character Photo Ops – If you can, grab a photo with the character you are bounding as. They will love it and so will all your friends on Facebook.
  10. Cast Member help – Take as many opportunities to have a cast member take your photo (PhotoPass or on your phone) as possible. CM’s LOVE LOVE LOVE Dapper Day and will give you the best poses to make your photo look as dapper it can be.

Now, are you ready for my #1 of all time tip for amazing Dapper Day photos? Shhhh! Don’t tell!

It’s Hollywood Studios! Saturday Dapper Day is the Magic Kingdom and Sunday is EPCOT, that leaves the art deco land of Hollywood Studios all alone. Here’s a tip: go to Hollywood Studios after exploring EPCOT. Most Dapper Day attendees will go home late that afternoon and with all the construction going on at Hollywood Studios it won’t be too busy! Hollywood Studios defines old Hollywood glamour. The mid-century colored buildings and vintage-inspired art make for fantastic photos! Literally, the entire front half of what is currently open at Hollywood Studios is perfect for photos. Old cars, neon signs, an old movie theater, Grauman’s Chinese Theater. The possibilities for cute photos are endless!

Dapper Day Part 5 - Picture Perfect 2

I know this is a long list but fit in the photos that work best for your group and your schedule. Don’t be overwhelmed walking around trying to take every photo possible. Enjoy the moment! But don’t forget to also document your experience by referencing some of the photo ideas listed above.

Hope to see you at Dapper Day!


Dapper Day Part 5 - Picture Perfect 3
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