Disney Characters Take Over The NFL Logo’s

October 29, 2017 , , ,

The 2017 NFL season is steadily moving right along!  AK47 Studios released these images of the different NFL logos redesigned with Disney Characters, and I was excited to check out and wanted to share them with you.

NFL Disney Teams

Recently I stumbled upon an Instragram account called ak47_studios. This account is more than just someone sharing pictures and such, Mark the owner and creator is a Graphic Designer and Sports Fanatic and very talented.  He has some amazing designs on his site, but the one’s that really caught my attention were his Disney-NFL logos.  Check them out:

Nemo’s San Francisco 49ers
Pinocchio’s Washington Redskins

Hercules’s Tennesse Titans

Captain Hooks Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Beast’s St. Louis Rams

Zazu’s Seattle Seahawks

Mushu’s San Diego Chargers

The Seven Dwarf’s Pittsburgh Steelers

Donald’s Philadelphia Eagles
Captain Jack Sparrow’s Oakland Raiders
Dusty’s New York Jets

Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar’s New York Giants

Jafar’s New Orleans Saints

Mad Hatter’s New England Patriots

Goofy’s Minnesota Vikings

The Little Mermaid’s Miami Dolphins

King Arthur’s Kansas City Chiefs

[cap Pluto’s Jacksonville Jaguars

Wreck-It-Ralph’s Indianapolis Colts

Sulley’s Houston Texans

Robin Hood’s Green Bay Packers

Simba’s Detroit Lions
Pumba’s Denver Broncos

Woody’s Dallas Cowboys

Buzz’s Cleveland Browns

Tigger’s Cincinnati Bengals

Baloo’s Chicago Bears
Stitch’s Carolina Panthers

Genie’s Buffalo Bills

Maleficent’s Baltimore Ravens
Dumbo’s Atlanta Falcons

Jose Carioca’s Arizona Cardinals

The graphics are awesome, you can see he took a lot of time and thought.  I love that he was able to stay with the original NFL logo for the most part, but put the Disney spin on it.  Great job Mark.

You can go to http://instagram.com/ak47_studios and follow him.  While going through his other images, he has also created the MLB, NHL and NBA logos done as Disney Characters.

 Special Thank You to Mark for allowing us to show his logos!!!

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