Dapper Day Part 3

To bound, or not to bound. That is the question. Well, it is because I brought it up. Anyway, there is one more step to take before you finalize your Dapper Day outfit. You’ve decided which decade will inspire your Dapper Day outing, but there is one final question: will you Disneybound?

Belle – A simple Belle bound with a high-waisted golden yellow skirt, off the shoulder white shirt, rose pin in hair, rose necklace, and a book!

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, Disneybounding is dressing in a way that is inspired by a character. It is not a costume, but an outfit with colors or accessories that match a Disney character. You can Disneybound in your everyday life by say, wearing a yellow skirt, blue shirt, red headband, and apple necklace to the office, showing off your love of Snow White, or by wearing red shorts, a black shirt, and yellow shows to the park to look like the main man himself, Mickey Mouse.

Disneybounding is so much fun, but it is even more fun with a dapper twist. Afterall, nothing makes you feel more like a princess than twirling down Main Street in a tulle pale blue dress and a black choker.

Ariel – A green Rockabilly style dress with polka dots, a purple bandana as a headband, fish scale earrings, and a pearl necklace

Choosing to add a bound to your vintage dapper look may sound like a lot. And it can be. Disneybounding can take up a lot of time trying to creatively give your own retro twist on a Disney character. So unless you are a bounding expert already, I honestly don’t recommend Disneybounding your first Dapper Day. Instead, focus on finding the right dapper outfit. And if you can easily make it into a simple bound, go for it! Just don’t get bogged down in thinking you HAVE to Disneybound.

Minnie and Mickey – A red polka dot dress, red hat, white gloves, and yellow shoes. For Mickey, grey pants, a yellow cardigan, white shirt, and red tie. This is an example of a very simple bound.

The best thing about Disneybounding is you can make it your own! Be as crazy and creative as you want, or make it a subtle bound. Either way, you’re sure to have a good time! Here are a few tips about bounding from the semi-expert, me! I’ve Disneybounded 3 times for Dapper Day and plan to bound one of the fall Dapper Days this year (shhh! It’s a surprise who I am bounding as!).

  1. You don’t have to spend a lot of $$$ – Don’t get so excited about Disneybounding on Dapper Day that you go crazy and buy out an entire vintage website. ALWAYS check your closet first. Use what you have as your guide. If you have a green dress and love Ariel, see if you have a purple sweater to pair it with and get a shell hair clip and BOOM! You’re bounding! However, if you do want to go all out and take it to the next level, check out this article about Unique Vintage. They have a really cool Disney line!
  2. The devil is in the details – Bounding is easy when you let the colors of a character inspire you. Try incorporating pieces that really make you stand out as that character. For instance, I have a white puffy sleeve shirt and a high waisted yellow skirt, both of which I love and can reuse for Dapper Days to come. To make the outfit obviously a Belle bound, I wore a rose in my hair and carried a book. Simple details made the outfit.
  3. Go for a group bound – Guys, Disneybounding isn’t just for girls! There are plenty of male characters that you can bound as too. And, if you have a significant other coming to Dapper Day, bound together! From Mary Poppins and Bert to Carl and Ellie from Up, the possibilities are endless! I’ve seen whole groups Disneybounding together. This past spring Dapper Day, I was very impressed by a large group of girls all dapper bounding as the Avengers. They looked great! Bounding as a group makes you stand out more.
  4. Not a costume – We know the rules about wearing costumes to the park, but just be sure that your dapper Disneybound isn’t too costume-y. You don’t want guests asking to take pictures with you. That’s a big no-no. You are not Cinderella and Prince Charming. Please direct the family who would rather their kids take a picture with you and your boyfriend than wait in line for 45 minutes to the appropriate location.
  5. There are no rules – Like I said before, go as crazy or as simple with your bound as you want. You can bound as Pixar, Marvel, or even Star Wars characters. There is no limit on your creativity!

Peggy Carter – A red hat, white shirt with a bow, and blue pencil skirt.

Going to Dapper Day at Disney World or Disneyland this fall? Disneybounding? Leave a comment with the character you are going as!



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