We are on watch here in Central Florida, waiting for updates and such regarding Hurricane Irma, which is due to hit Florida this weekend.  So far, evacuations are underway in south Florida, there are major school cancellations, and water and supplies are getting scarce.  So, what does this mean for Walt Disney World?  Well, right now we’re still waiting for major announcements. Irma looks like it will indeed hit the Orlando area, but to what degree, we simply don’t know. Last year during Hurricane Matthew, Disney World closed, and guests were taken care of during the storm. So far, we don’t know what Disney is planning on doing, but we are watching for news.

Disney Cruise Line, made some changes, as we reported last night.  The tolls on all Florida highways are currently waved until sometime next week.  Walt Disney World water parks are said to be closing due to the weather as well.

Disney’s Hurricane policy ~

Walt Disney World Resort policy allows people to reschedule or cancel their vacation packages and most room-only reservations without any fees if a hurricane warning is issued by National Hurricane Center for the Orlando area or a visitor’s residence within seven days of the traveler’s scheduled arrival, according to Disney’s website.

 “The policy does not apply to certain special events or dining experiences,” the company said, adding the Walt Disney Travel Company Magic Your Way vacation package and hotel rooms must be booked directly with Disney.

The Characters in Flight balloon at Disney Springs will obviously not be available. More preparations are happening now, and as soon as I have concrete information I will be sure to pass it along. Stay tuned to TMSM for more updates as we receive them!

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