The Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel, Disneyland!

Last week was our very first trip out to Disneyland in California. I was very excited to finally get to see Disneyland, but was very unfamiliar with the surrounding areas. The Disneyland Resort is much different that what we’re used to here in Orlando. There aren’t many hotels actually ON Disney property, but they do have many “Good Neighbor” hotels to accommodate guests. One of those hotels, and the one we stayed at, is the Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel.

Located conveniently close to Disneyland, the Anaheim Majestic Garden is perfect for that home away from home feeling while you’re on vacation. The room size was pretty big. We had two separate areas, one for sitting and watching television (and included a kind sized pull out bed) and the other was the main bedroom. The bathroom also had two areas, one for the shower and one for the mirror and sink. Plenty of space. Our room also had a refrigerator which came in handy for our week long stay.

The grounds at the Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel are beautiful. They offer places to sit outside, relax and enjoy the weather. On the fun side, this hotel has a beautiful swimming pool area with chairs and cabanas. The pool area also has a walk up restaurant with a decent sized menu. We ordered the chicken fingers and club sandwiches, both were very good! They also have a bar menu if you’re wanting a cocktail by the pool. Perfect. My kids really enjoyed the pool, it was one of their favorite parts of our stay.

While on vacation, convenience is a big factor in choosing where to stay. The Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel is all about convenience. There are places to eat at the hotel, not just the pool spot, but there’s a sit down restaurant and an awesome walk up location right next to the lobby. Truthfully, the counter service is where we got the most of our food. They offer huge deli sandwiches, hot dogs, snacks, and some pretty amazing fresh donuts which we happily purchased our share of each day. So good. Also convenient, was the shuttle service they had running on the half hour which took you right over to Disneyland’s property. The ride was fast, as the hotel is located just around the way from the parks. At the end of the day, you meet at your bus stop to go back to the resort. Very easy and convenient, and it’s free!

All in all, I highly recommend the Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel for your Disneyland needs. It’s less expensive than staying on Disney property, yet you get a lot of the same experiences as Disney offers. You can even see the fireworks from Disneyland in the evenings, it’s that close! Also, you can purchase your park tickets right in the lobby. We thank the Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel for a magical week, and we can’t wait to go back again. For more information on this magical hotel, go to You can also follow them on Facebook at to keep up with the latest news!

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