As a lot of you know by now, my family and I spent the 4th of July at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  We knew that the crowds would be high, but no one does fireworks like Disney, so it’s the place to be.  The fireworks were beyond amazing, I had tears in my eyes like usual when it comes to Disney, I was so glad that we decided to go, crowds and all.  After the show, there was a sea of people around, and we were trying to just get out of the hub area.  We first headed towards Liberty Square, but no one was moving.  We decided to go to the other side of the Castle towards Tomorrowland, and that’s when I saw what had happened.  Normally I do a “Don’t Be That Guy at Disney” blog and showcase many instances, but today, we’re just going to discuss one.  Take a look.

To my dismay, the entire hub area in front of Cinderella Castle was trashed. Not just trashed, but dare I say that it looked looted. On the ground were food trays, cups, plates, straws, fruit, smashed Mickey pretzels, melted ice cream and yes even diapers. Who does that? I was infuriated and I posted the photos that I took. Little did I realize, those photos and my rant went viral. Over 1.2 million people were reached. That’s crazy. I never post negative things, I never rant, but something just took over and I felt the need to share. What in the world is wrong with people? Are we in such an entitled society that people feel it’s their right to just drop their trash anyplace they please? Some use the excuse “I paid a lot of money for this vacation.” I’ve heard it before. That’s not a reason to throw manners to the wind. How about the Cast Members who work long hours at the Parks to ensure guests have a magical time? Do they deserve to have to pick up after sloppy people? They most certainly do NOT. Please, don’t be that guy.

After my post went all over the internet, I braced myself. Any time we put out content that’s a little controversial, I worry. When we started TMSM over 7 years ago, I never wanted it to be a place for arguing or drama. We’re family friendly and fun. However… I felt it was important for people to see what had happened to our happy place, and for folks to see exactly what Cast Members have to deal with. It’s not right. I’m relieved to say I had maybe a handful out over a million get mad at me for posting what I did. Not too bad actually. I got messages from Cast Members thanking me for raising awareness of what’s happening there. Messages from family members of CM’s too. We love our Cast Member Main Streeters, and appreciate the work they put into making magic for guests. This mess is in no way Disney’s fault, or the employees, it’s lazy entitled people. Period. If anything good comes from these photos going viral, my hope is that maybe people will be a bit more mindful of their surroundings and not trash a place that’s a second home to so many. Walt designed the parks to have enough trash cans available so that they’d stay clean. It’s not a lot to ask. If you have garbage in your hand, don’t throw it down. Look around, I’ll bet you a Mickey bar you’ll see a trash can close by! We picked up a few trays and such as we were walking so no one would trip, but that mess was going to take a long time to fix. It was really sad.

To the Cast Members who work tirelessly, we thank you. My heart goes out to you when I see things like this, there’s just no excuse. I’m so sorry. To people who think it’s your right as a Disney guest to junk up the park…. you’re so very wrong. Disney is a place for magic, where childhood is alive no matter your age, where people go to escape the real world. For the love of Walt, use the trash cans. Don’t disrespect the parks, the Cast Members, and fellow guests. A little extra effort goes a long, long way, I promise you. So please…. don’t be that guy at Disney!

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