NEW! See the 2017 Celebrate America Fireworks from Disney’s Magic Kingdom! #DisneyWorld

July 5, 2017

Last night, we decided to brave the crowds and head over to the Magic Kingdom to see the beautiful Celebrate America Fourth of July fireworks. I knew it was going to be crowded before we left home, but Disney does such a great job with their holiday shows, I wanted to go regardless. Usually we are home in Michigan visiting for the Fourth of July holiday, but being that we were in Florida this year, I figured we’d go and check it out. The crowds were huge as it got closer to show time. We were standing somewhere between Casey’s Corner on Main Street and the Partners Statue. People started staking out their fireworks viewing spots three hours ahead of time. We found our spot about an hour and a half before the show began at 9:00. I was going to do a live feed of the show, but with the crowds being so high, I couldn’t get a signal on my phone. That being said, we did manage to record the entire Celebrate America fireworks show for our YouTube channel, and you can watch it below. Disney really outdoes themselves when it comes to displays like this. Pictures truly don’t do it justice. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss a clip! Watch through the end, the finale is amazing! Thanks and enjoy!

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