Disneyland’s New Maxpass Is Designed to Save You Time — but It’ll Cost You

From PopSugar.com and posted on June 24, 2017

Times are certainly changing in Disneyland. The park is testing out a new process for its Fastpass system, which requires park-goers to scan their annual pass or park ticket to gain access to the Fastpass line instead of using a separate ticket stub as their actual Fastpass. And soon, Disney will be launching Maxpass, another time-saving initiative for park-goers.

Disneyland already has the well-known Fastpass system in place, which allows guests to reserve a return time for a certain attraction to allow guests to “wait in line” while enjoying other shows and attractions. Guests can reserve one attraction at a time, day-of only. Currently, guests go to kiosks and get the paper ticket with the return time. A Disney representative said that after the launch of Disney Maxpass, that kiosk system remains the same.

“Disney MaxPass is a product available via the Disneyland app for $10 per ticket, per day, that will let you get those reservations digitally (in addition to unlimited one-day Disney PhotoPass downloads). So instead of walking from attraction to attraction, you can reserve (and cancel if you wish) your FASTPASS time via the app on your phone.” For example, when your Fastpass time for Space Mountain ends, you could then book Radiator Springs Racers without having to walk to Disney California Adventure to the attraction like you would with regular Fastpass. “At the attraction,” Disney says, “the reader would scan the barcode from the app for MaxPass, and from admission ticket media for traditional Fastpass.”

Maxpass will allow mobile booking of the passes through the Disneyland app. According to Disney’s site, it will allow guests to “maximize their experience by providing unlimited downloads of their high-resolution PhotoPass images and by enabling the convenience of mobile booking and redemption of Disney Fastpass return times — all by using the Disneyland App.”

As with the new Fastpass system, your park ticket and your Maxpass will be connected to each other, so you won’t be able to transfer the perks of the pass to anyone else if you decide to skip going on a ride you’ve been waiting for. Maxpass will be available later this year. Annual passholders will have the option to buy the pass on a daily or yearly basis. So while the pass should save you time, it will cost you extra cash. Stay tuned for more details on the features of Maxpass and the exact date Disney plans to launch it!



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