“The World That Never Was” Season Two On NETWORK 1901

The World That Never Was is a journalistic audio show about ideas the Disney company had for their theme parks and the social issues that stopped them from happening. The first season of the series debuted in September 2016 (All of those episodes are still available at Network1901.com) and now Season Two has debuted.

The World That Never Was is styled after popular NPR shows like Freakanomics Radio. Using interviews with Disney fans, politicians, activists, pastors, and other professionals, Josh Taylor features a singular theme park idea that was never built and brings light to why it was never built. Part Disney, part real world issues, the show isn’t just for the Disney lover but for those interested in learning and discussing social issues, politics, religion, and more.

The most recent episode featured a narrative story on Walt Disney’s Mineral King Ski Resort, focusing on the history of the proposed idea in the 1960s as well as Michael Eisner’s resurgence of the idea during his run as Disney’s CEO. The episode is an inner look at the National Parks, land agreements, how Disney could have monopolized Sequoia National Park, and if there is still interest from Disney in creating such a resort.

Season Two of the series will feature six episodes. Each episode is roughly 30 minutes and will be released every Friday. The first two episodes of Season Two are available now at Network1901.com along with all of Season One, which also featured six episodes.

Hosted by Josh Taylor who has been hosting Modern Mouse Radio, a Disney related podcast, since 2012. He has also been writing about Disney and Disney history since 2011 for several sites including WDWRadio.com and ModernMouseRadio.com.

Podcast host Josh Taylor says, “Many people who think about Disney think of their happiest childhood memories and keep those memories tucked away in their subconscious. Often people associate Disney as a do-no-wrong organization full of family friendly experiences separate from the real world we live in. This show is all about how Disney has to work with real world issues outside of its happy go lucky theme parks.”

The World That Never Was is part of the Network 1901 feed which is available on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you can listen to podcasts. For more information you can contact Josh Taylor at Network1901@Gmail.com or visit http://www.Network1901.com.


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