Re-Post! Closing Time at the Magic Kingdom! #wdwbde

Re-posting in case you missed it! Enjoy! ~M


Have you ever stayed past park closing time at the Magic Kingdom? I have, but it was almost three years ago, and I haven’t done it since. Last night, we got the chance to stay late, and I had forgotten how amazing it really is. The Magic Kingdom closed early last night, 10 o’clock. That’s unusual for a Friday, but I digress. A big reason we never stay till closing time is because usually the park closes at midnight or so, and the kids are worn out by then, so we end up leaving. Being that the kingdom closed at ten, it was a perfect opportunity to hang back and get photos, we weren’t too tired yet! To my surprise, a lot of our readers didn’t know that you could stick around after the park closes, so I wanted to do a quick write up so people could get the scoop.

So, last night at ten, the park officially closed, but of course there are still guests around. The rides shut down at closing time, but you can still walk around, the stores are mostly still open, etc. We were in the back of the park, which is a great place to be after hours, as there are many great spots to get photos with very little to no people around.

As people begin to leave, the Cast Members close off sections of the park, usually putting up a line of strollers, so people know they can’t go past that spot. They basically walk you out, heading forward towards the front of the park. One of the best parts of after hours, is the Kiss Goodnight. For those unfamiliar, that’s the little show they do at the Castle, wishing you a fond farewell and thanking your for spending your day at the Magic Kingdom. I posted the video of last nights Kiss Goodnight at the bottom of this article!

Just because the Cast Members don’t force you to leave, doesn’t mean they aren’t tired and don’t want to go home. Yes, they allow you to hang back and take photos of the empty streets and such, but it’s always a good idea to be quick about it, it’s been a long day for everyone. The pictures you get are worth staying around for, it’s really beautiful on Main Street USA at night!

There really is nothing like closing time at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. If you decide to stay late one night, be sure you have your cameras and phones charged, you’ll want to get pics of these memories. True Disney magic at it’s finest!

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