Last night we went back to the Magic Kingdom to see the new fireworks show, Happily Ever After. When we went on opening night, the crowds were huge. So huge that people couldn’t even move, and Cast Members were having to find places to put people, as there needed to be safety “lanes” just in case, but it was difficult. I was hoping it would be a little less crazy last night….. well, it wasn’t.

Scott wanted to get a center spot, in front of the Partners statue, so he could get a better recording of the show. Opening night was difficult to get a good view, as there were so many people. We got to the hub area about 7:30 and people were already putting down ponchos and towels to secure their spot for the 9:00 show. The center spot he hoped for was gone. So, we stood to the side, he secured a new location and we left to grab a Starbucks before Happily Ever After started. After all, we had an hour till showtime, that’s plenty of time. Right? Well…. it wasn’t. Scott started texting me to hurry back, because he was surrounded with people and he wasn’t sure if we’d be able to get back to him. I grabbed the coffee and the kids and we stepped back out onto Main Street. Oh my goodness! Just in that short period of time, the street was filled with people! I had to hang onto the kids and say “excuse me” dozens of times and climb over people on the ground just to get back to him. Once I finally did, I took this picture of the sea of people behind me.

Happily Ever After is beautiful, no doubt about that. It’s only been at Disney’s Magic Kingdom for a little over a week, so people really want to see it because it’s so new. I fully understand that. I’ve had people ask me about the show, about the crowds, and the one piece of advice I can give you is get there early! The days of finding a spot for Wishes right before it starts are over, for Happily Ever After you have to prepare ahead of time. Last night, just as on opening night, the crowds filled the entire front of the Castle. From Tomorrowland across to Adventureland and Liberty Square, all the way down Main Street to the train station! There isn’t much you can do either. Cast Members do a great job keeping traffic moving, but they truly have their jobs cut out for them. Part of the reason for the crowd issue, is that unlike Wishes, you have to stand in front to see the entire show. You could watch Wishes from different areas of the park or behind Cinderella Castle. With Happily Ever After, so much of the show is projections on the Castle, that if you don’t stand up front you’ll miss the entire thing.

I hope this answered some of the questions we’ve been getting from readers. Happily Ever After is Disney magic at it’s finest, it truly is. It went above and beyond my expectations and it one that I think people will want to see over and over again. Just do yourself a favor, plan ahead and get there early! You’ll be so glad that you did!

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