It’s be dangerously hot here in Central Florida this week, very dry, no rain.  I’m re-posting this article from last summer as a way to remind people to watch for signs of being overheated and to stay hydrated! Be safe! ~M


It’s been brutally hot here in Central Florida, and other places around the country. As you know, the crowds at Disney World can create even more heat, and sometimes walking through the parks can really make you not feel well. I’ve had heat related health issues in the past few weeks myself, and I’m pretty good about taking precaution. I’ve also see various guests at Disney, sitting on the side of the curb, sick from heat exhaustion. One poor person was laying flat on Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom, and it’s been really concerning. So, being that I’ve seen others get sick, I wanted to just put out some signs to watch for, to maybe help others beat the heat while trying to enjoy their favorite Disney park.

According to WebMd, signs of heat exhaustion are as follows~

Dark-colored urine (a sign of dehydration)
Muscle or abdominal cramps
Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
Pale skin
Profuse sweating
Rapid heartbeat

Please don’t ignore these signs. If you start to not feel well, grab some water and find a cool place to sit. The risk of heat-related illness dramatically increases when the heat index climbs to 90 degrees or more. So it’s important, especially during heat waves like we’ve had recently, to pay attention to the reported heat index, and also to remember that the heat index is even higher when you are standing in full sunshine, like at watching an afternoon parade or Castle show.

If you or someone in your group starts to feel this way, it’s important to get out of the heat asap and get to a cool location. Other suggestions are;

Drink plenty of fluid (avoid caffeine and alcohol).
Remove any tight or unnecessary clothing.
Take a cool shower, bath, or sponge bath.
Apply other cooling measures such as fans or ice towels.

I know this seems like common sense to some, but I think sometimes while on vacation, we’re in a carefree mode and don’t think about our health or well being. I got sick while watching the Festival of Fantasy Parade two weeks ago, and I actually had been drinking water that day. It wasn’t enough apparently, and I had to go sit down and drink more. Thank God we had a lovely Cast Member to help us out. She said that this summer has been hard on guests, and a lot of folks have been getting sick. So, that’s my public service announcement for today. Please be careful and safe, even on vacation when you’re just wanting to be on the go and have fun. Drink plenty of water, take breaks, and be well. Thanks for reading! ~M

*Thanks to WebMd for the infomation.

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