Covering New Attractions at Disney ~ Informative or a Spoiler?

There is so much going on at Disney right now, with more to come.  The beloved fireworks display, Wishes, is ending at the Magic Kingdom next week, with a new show starting the following night.  Over at Animal Kingdom, they are starting to preview the new Avatar area, and it’s getting a lot of buzz.  We were lucky enough to be invited by Disney to a media event next week, to get to see Pandora before it’s open to the public.  The following night is our scheduled time for the Annual Passholder preview, so we’ll get even more pics and such.  That being said…. is there a line between getting info for our site, and actually putting out spoilers? Until I saw some comments on social media, I never thought of it that way.

People who know me, know that I’m pretty militant about getting coverage for our site. Like, when I’m in work mode, I’m a fierce pain in the butt, and I admit that. The pressure to do well for our readers comes from me and me alone, and I get pretty focused. Some things are more important to cover than others. Like Pandora, I have to get the scoop there when we go next week, no question about that. But…. I don’t want to throw Disney spoilers in people’s faces who want to be surprised when they see the new area for themselves. Some Disney fans are so strict when it comes to spoilers, they won’t watch any YouTube videos, do any searching online for the particular topic, nothing. I get that too. So with that, I’m going to tell you this… with all the new things coming to Walt Disney World, we will do our best to get you the info you want, and be mindful of those who maybe aren’t ready to see it. I’ve seen people online who have been a bit annoyed about the coverage on Pandora thus far, and I never want to upset any of our readers. It’s all about balance and we’ll do our best for you. Same with the ending of Wishes next week, and the new show Happily Ever After that begins on the 12th. We’ll be there….. we’ll bring you all we can, and we will try to do it right. What about you? What’s your preferance? Do you like to be surprised to do you want to see what’s new at Disney ahead of time? Tell us about it!

Thank you all for using TMSM as your go to Disney source. Just know we’re always working hard for you, and we appreciate our readers more than we can say. Hang tight, busy times are coming, and we’ll be taking you along with us! ~M

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