It’s Wednesday and time for our weekly check in. This week we’ve been super busy, my parents have been in town! Yay! Lets catch up!

Last weekend we were trying to do all we could to get the monthly magazine finished, plus prepare for a visit from my mom and dad. It was a lot to do, but we managed. The magazine looks great and the house and such got cleaned up nicely, so we were set by Sunday evening when they arrived. It has been since the beginning of January since I’ve seen my parents, so this visit was long overdue. We had dinner at home on Sunday, and just sat around and visited. On Monday, we took a road trip to find someplace to eat by the beach. We ended up at Whiskey Joe’s, which is in Tampa. What a nice place! You can either eat and get drinks right on the beach, or go inside to the air conditioned restaurant to order food. The view is beautiful either way. After eating, we drove to Clearwater Beach to do a little shopping. All in all it was a fun day!

Yesterday, we finally got some rain here in Central Florida that was long overdue. We took my parents out to breakfast then did a little shopping. For dinner we had Chick Fil A, which is always a must when they’re in town, being that they don’t have that place up north. It’s the little things. Today, we took them to Gatorland Orlando, which was a new experience. They didn’t want to do Disney this trip, they wanted to try new places, so that’s what we did. My parents head back to Michigan in the morning, so I’m going to keep this weeks update shorter so I can spend some extra family time. I’ll fill you in next week, I promise!

Before I go, I’d like to wish a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my husband, TMSM co-pilot, partner in crime and very best friend, Scott! I hope you had a wonderful day, the boys and I love you!

Until next week, sending you all lots of love, blessings and pixie dust! See ya real soon! ~M

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