The 10 Most Beloved Disney Truths

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Disney movies have taught us just about everything we know. For many of us, these films were our first exposure to the the joys and pitfalls of life, and those lessons ring true every time they are put to the test. Get ready to revisit these ten beloved Disney truths that you probably practice day in and day out:

1. Hard work pays off.


Even as a kid, Tiana knew she wanted to one day open her own restaurant. She made that dream happen with hard work and determination. Follow in Tiana’s footsteps and you can make your dreams come true as well.

2. True love conquers all.


Elsa, the ice queen, was able to thaw Anna’s frozen heart, and Anna Elsa’s, because their love for each other was so strong it pushed past Elsa’s fear. Love can be extremely powerful, so don’t conceal, feel.

3. You can face anything with a friend by your side.


Some obstacles are tough to overcome but it’s a lot easier (and more interesting) with a friend along for the journey. (Especially if that obstacle is traveling the entire ocean.)

4. Adventure is out there.


Don’t be afraid to venture outside your tower. You never know how much your life will change (or how much fun you’ll have) when you explore the world. And who knows, you might even discover where you’re meant to be.

5. Trust your instincts, they’re usually right.


Deep down, Belle knew that Beast was more than he appeared to be from the start. She trusted her instincts and found what wasn’t there before … a pretty great life. Listen to that little voice inside your head and you just might find the good in people.

6. Be yourself and everything will fall into place.


Mulan was trying so hard to honor her father and the rest of her family, she didn’t even realize that being herself was all she needed to be. Once you’re brave enough to be true to yourself, everything will work out the way it is meant to be.

7. Animals make pretty great friends (and family).


Okay, Stitch is an alien, but that’s besides the point. Even when Lilo and Nani are none too thrilled with his previous actions, Stitch saves Lilo because ‘Ohana means family. And family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

8. What you’re missing might be right in front of you.


Lightning McQueen was so focused on the materialistic things in his life that he didn’t realize he was missing something way more important. Thankfully, it didn’t take him long to find what he really needed: quality friends. Sometimes what you’re looking for is closer than you think.

9. Your family will always have your back.


Even after Bob, Helen, Violet, and Dash get caught up in some pretty dangerous stuff, they still stick together. They know that family is what’s really important, and they continue to look past their differences and look out for one another.

10. Courage comes from within.


Deep down, once Nala told Simba the truth about Scar and the Pride Lands, Simba knew he needed to return home. But it wasn’t until he saw his father’s reflection that he gained the strength to go back and fight. You have to dig deep to find courage, it can’t come from anyone but yourself.

What are some of your most beloved Disney truths? Tell us in the comments!



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