The New Planet Hollywood Observatory at Disney Springs is Open! Here’s Our Review! #planethollywoodobservatory

Posting again in case anyone missed it! ~M

After a huge overhaul and major refurbishments, the new Planet Hollywood Observatory at Disney Springs is finally open! We had the opportunity to visit and try some of the items on the menu, here’s how it went!

When you walk inside the new Planet Hollywood Observatory, you’ll be greeted by friendly hostesses, who will direct you to go to the top of the stairs to check in. Don’t forget to stop and get your photo taken first! Just as with the previous theme, you still take a staircase up to the dining area. The hostess stand at the top is to the left, and their new gift shop is to the right. There are still various movie props around the entire area, but it’s all new memorabilia! Very fun to see! We were seated at a great table with a view on the second floor. The Planet Hollywood Observatory still has a giant video wall to keep guests entertained, and we could see quite a bit of what they have to offer from our table.

The wait staff is very friendly and accommodating, we were very impressed with that. Not only is the atmosphere in the Observatory great, so are the employees. So far so good! We were given a special menu, with some of their best sellers to choose from. Also, we got to choose from their drink menu as far as cocktails and specialty drinks were concerned. I ordered the Planetary Punch and Scott got the Cosmic Colada, both were fantastic. For an appetizer, they brought us the High Roller Sampler, which is a wheel of goodies featuring their famous Chicken Crunch, Texas Tostados, Buffalo Wings, Five Cheese Dip, and Peri-Peri Shrimp. All of it was delicious.

After finishing the High Roller Sampler, it was time for the main course. There were four of us, so we tried to get a variety of food to try. I ordered the L.A. Lasagna, Scott ordered the Turkey Pic-A-Nic sandwich which came on a pretzel bun, my older son got the BBQ Ribs with fries and cole slaw, and my younger son ordered the Bacon Mac-n-Cheese burger, one of Guy Fieri’s top recipes. We tried to sample each others dinners so we all could try something new, and honestly, it was all good. Each dinner item we had was delicious, not one complaint from any of us. The portion sizes are pretty big as well, so be sure you’re hungry when you visit!

As full as we were, our foodie adventure wasn’t quite over yet! It was time for dessert. Now, normally when you think of dessert, you may think of a piece of cake or pie, and maybe a scoop of ice cream. Well, at the Planet Hollywood Observatory, that’s not the case. It’s dessert beyond your wildest dreams! First up was the Planet Meltdown ~ Chocolate sphere melted tableside by hot chocolate sauce to reveal double chocolate fudge cake, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream! It’s as good as it sounds! Next, we got one of their signature Supernova Shakes! These are unlike any milkshake you’ve ever had, they’re huge! We tried the Strawberry Big Bang shake, which was a hand dipped strawberry shake, topped with a piece of cake, rainbow sucker, candy, sprinkles and coated pretzels all around the top with frosting. I couldn’t believe how it looked, and it tasted even better. Two thumbs up on these amazing desserts!

Once dinner was over, we walked around to take some videos and photos of the movie memorabilia and check out their outside patio and bar area. The patio has a great view of Disney Springs. Before leaving, we browsed through their gift shop, where they have a variety of souvenirs themed with the new Planet Hollywood Observatory logo on them. The gift shop was reasonably priced and had quite a bit to choose from.

All in all, our experience at the new Planet Hollywood Observatory at Disney Springs was a very good one. If you were a fan of the old Planet Hollywood, then you are sure to love the new menu and theme even more. The new menu items are great, the atmosphere is fun and upbeat, and the staff is so polite and helpful. So if you’re planning on dining at Disney in the near future, be sure you add the Planet Hollywood Observatory to your must-do list. You’ll be so glad you did!

A big thank you to the wonderful folks at the Planet Hollywood Observatory for inviting us to a fabulous evening out, we appreciate that very much! ~M

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