UPDATE ~ Get the Scoop on the Tangled Lantern Photo Spot at Magic Kingdom!

UPDATE ~ This photo opportunity has been extended until further notice! Great news! There are details below, but it’s not ending on the 15th like originally announced!


Last night at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, we finally were able to get our photos taken at the new Photopass location near Rapunzel’s tower.  After posting the pictures to our Instagram, we received a ton of questions, so I thought it might be helpful to let everyone know what the scoop is on this great opportunity!

Here’s what you need to know~

The lantern photopass is at the Tangled restrooms, and begins at dusk, but get there early.

There is no specific line until the Cast Members come out, which causes a bit of confusion, but it begins near the walkway across from the restroom doors, near the charging stations.

The Cast Member will take as many pictures as you like, usually single pics then group photos.

The line does move slow, so allow extra time.

Yes, that’s a real lantern, not a photo trick!

The Tangled photo spot is a test run, and is supposed to end on March 15th. Due to the popularity, I was told they may extend it, but that remains to be seen.

The Cast Members said to be sure to give feedback to Disney via their website, if you’d like to see this stay around or if you have issues with how they do this.

The photos come out great, but truth be told, the experience lacks organization. People didn’t know where to stand or wait, so when the Cast Members finally came out it was hysteria. I heard guests getting angry, saying they waited around two hours and didn’t know where to stand. Others refused to get in line or go to the back of the line because they didn’t know what was going on. So yes, it’s a great idea, as a huge Tangled fan I’m thrilled that Disney offered this photo opportunity. If anything, it shows that there is indeed an interest in more Tangled at the Parks, so I hope they decide to keep this around. Stay tuned to TMSM for more as we hear.

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