I’ve got a dream…. (she’s got a dream) #InternationalWomensDay

It’s International Women’s Day, so it’s a perfect time to re-post this blog I wrote back in 2013. It explains some of our back story with TMSM, the struggles we had, and how we almost gave up. Fast forward to now, and I’m so thankful that we kept going. Who would have thought? Anyhow, enjoy this look back, and hugs to you girls out there fighting for your dreams as well! You can do it! ~M

Well, now that I have that song from Tangled in my head, I guess I can proceed! I really do love that movie. I think there is a great lesson that can be learned from “Tangled”. Rapunzel had a dream. Eugene Fitzherbert had a dream. Those rough and tough guys at the Snuggly Duckling had dreams too. So often in life, we have dreams in our hearts that seem to fade as time goes on. That’s sad, really. I too am guilty of feeling that way, that some dreams seem too hard to accomplish. I think the only sure way that these seemingly impossible dreams won’t come true, is if we give up on them.

In my own life, I’ve had dreams of doing different things that just didn’t happen. Sure, it’s disappointing and discouraging, but it makes one pause to figure out why. A few years ago, when The Main Street Mouse was thought of, I said to myself “that’s just a dream” and I really didn’t think it could happen. Needless to say, we pushed forward, put TMSM out there for all to see, and to my surprise it took off. It took off so fast that it became overwhelming. Was my dream coming true, or was it becoming something I couldn’t handle? We kept going…. and going, and going. The site was far too big, and more than one person could take care of. Then, to add to the mix, there were some very non-Disney-like people out there who were threatened by us for some reason, and did all they could to bring TMSM down. For a little while, they succeeded. Was it time to give up on my dream?

The more I thought about it, the more it began to bother me. I had to come up with a way to balance out my dream of having TMSM exist, and still take care of my family and home life. It took me some time, but I managed to find a way. As for those who didn’t want us to do well, that just added more fuel to my fire. If someone is threatened by you, then it must be for a reason. What I realized is that we DID have something good, and we DID have a large following of GOOD people who stood behind TMSM. That in itself was a reason to bring the site back, and keep that dream alive. I must say, I’m so very thankful for those who stuck by us the past couple of years, and pushed me to bring back the site that they loved. Thank you for the kick in the pants that I needed!

So, to wrap up my ramblings, I’d have to say that sometimes we have to think more like Rapunzel. And Eugene. And the Snuggly Duckling guys. At the end of Tangled, all those who had their dreams got what they wished for. Granted, life is not like a movie. Life is hard, and things are not so easy. But, don’t let life, situations, or other people bring you down. The only way your dreams will die is if you let them. Stay positive, and know that there are other folks who feel the same way you do. You all believed in me, and I believe in you also. So “Go, live your dream”. Just like the movie said.


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6 thoughts on “I’ve got a dream…. (she’s got a dream) #InternationalWomensDay”
  1. A Dream is a Dream your Heart Makes…Where Sunshine and Happiness reside..There is nothing that can take away these moments .. with your eyes closed and you feel all tingly inside…We pray that your smiles will be answered , one day that you’ll be surprised…Keep on Believing it will Happen…were beside you every step of the way…for we are too…filled with your wishes …for a Disney Dreaming Vacation…which we hope comes Magically along your way…. : )

  2. Dreams are very hard to hold on to and keep fighting for sometimes. I have let some go, but there are some dreams that have come true and some I am still fighting for.
    Thank you for keeping your dream alive and bringing The Main Street Mouse back. To the anti-Disney people…:-P

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