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Walt Disney World Resort for Families with Preschoolers

I have often seen people ask, “What is the youngest a child should be to visit Walt Disney World?” We have traveled with as young as 2 month old and found it to be not near as stressing as we thought it would be. In fact it was quite easy. Just as long as she was fed on time, it was smooth sailing. But there definitely is some planning involved when traveling with the little ones. These tips are a few that we always use when touring the “World” with little ones.

Any kid under 3 = FREE!

Should I say any more?

Utilize the Rider Swap at certain attractions

To use a Rider Swap, go up to the Cast Member working the attraction with your baby in tow and ask them for the Rider Swap ticket. Guests then take turns waiting with youngsters too young or too small to ride that attraction, then “switch” with another adult Guest from their party to experience the ride without standing in line twice.

The Baby Care Centers in the parks

These private and fully staffed baby centers are great if your wanting private nursing rooms, changing rooms, feeding area with highchairs, kitchens with microwaves, ovens and sinks. Can also buy formula, baby food, juice, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, clothing and over the counter meds.


If you can I suggest bringing your own instead of renting one of those behemoth hard plastic ones Disney rents out. If bringing ones is not an option try one of the many online stroller rental sites, like our sponsor, Kingdom Strollers.  They offer strollers that are a lot more comfortable and cheaper than those Disney offers.

Packing for a day in the park

It seems like when we travel with a little one everything we use at home seems to make its way down to Florida with us. Stroller: check. Pack-N-Play: check. Clothes for like 17 years: check. And taking items into the park can be even more cumbersome. You’ve got 10 sets of clothes, 200 diapers, formula, sunscreen, water bottles, and a baby carrier. So pack what you need and leave what you can do without at the hotel.

In-room babysitting

Some may be asking “Why would I need a babysitter on vacation?” Well why not? Parents like to vacation sometimes by themselves if it’s only for a date to the California Grill or to go to Jellyrolls and party like it’s 1999. Disney recommends Kid’s Night Out, which offers one to one babysitting in your hotel room for children 6-12 years old.

Travel with family or friends

We have found this to be a huge help when traveling with a small baby. What better thing to do than to find out the baby has made a mean number 2in his or her diaper? “Hey mom, dad, we’re gonna go ride Space Mountain and I think the baby needs a clean diaper. See ya’ in a few.” And make like a mad bandit out of there, but they’ll be ok they get the Rider Swap ticket so they won’t have to wait in line.

Bring your own car if you can

This is one of my must. In case anyone or the baby gets sick during a park visit the last thing I want to do is wait for a crowded bus to get back to my resort.

Taking a mid day nap

We have done this countless times. Leave the parks a little before lunch, go home and eat and then take an hour or two nap. Get up feeling refreshed and go finish your day out at the park. It helps, trust me.

Water play on hot days

There are several places in the parks that a child can play in water to help cool off on those hot and humid Florida days.

Lost Children

I’m pretty sure this is at the top of most parents’ nightmares. Losing a child a theme park or anywhere for that matter. I have seen anything from child temporary tattoos to wristbands with the child’s information on it. Some like the idea of this and some don’t, I’ll let you be the judge on this one. But when a cast member finds your child they have a really good system for reuniting the parents and child. They have a system where they log the child’s name, age, location and the name of the adult who is watching the child. Therefore when a parent finds another cast member they can then see if the child has been registered in the system. If after 15 minutes the child hasn’t been claimed, they’ll start retracing their path and if still unsuccessful they’ll go to the Lost Children Room which is a play room with toys and t.v.’s to help calm the child until the parents can be located. Another good idea is to have a designated meeting place incase you do get separated at some point throughout the day.

Like I said these are but a few of my favorite tips and there are many more that others or yourself may have. Give is some more in the comments section to help spread the wealth of Disney knowledge.


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