Personalized Star Wars Name Tags Available In The Launch Bay

Star Wars has taken over as a very heavy presence at Disney’s Hollywood Studio. The opening of Star Wars Land is still some time away, but Star Wars is found in many of the areas.  In addition to attractions and shows,  there are many items Star Wars related available in the stores.  My favorite store is the Launch Bay Cargo store, found near the exit of the Launch Bay.

This store is sure to have something for every Star Wars fan.  From different types of apparel, autographed photos, toys, replica costumes and even larger than life mannequins there is something for all.

On one side of the store is the D-Tech area.  Here you can create a personalized Magic Band or phone case, featuring your favorite Star Wars scene or character.  Another item you can get personalized is a Star Wars Name Tag.  Originally these names tags were found during Star Wars Weekends, but now that those are no more, you can find them anytime in the Launch Bay.

In order to get your name tag made, there is a small form you need to fill out.  There is a stack of them on top of the display cabinet showcasing the different tags available.

First, pick the design of the available choices.  The first two listed on the form are the Annual Passholder tags.  In order to get either, you must present your pass holder card and a photo id.  There is one for the Empire featuring the shadow silhouette of  Darth Vader in front of the Imperial symbol combined with the Death Star.  The other features the Rebellion symbol.  There are also tags featuring the Imperial and Rebellion symbols.

After picking the design you want, you can then choose what title or location to have printed on the tag.  As you can see above, each has many different options to pick from, so find your favorite.

At the bottom of the form, you can write in your name, up to 11 characters, and it will be transferred into Aurebesh.  I’m sure there are many reading this now and asking, what is Aurebesh?  In the Star Wars Universe, Aurebesh is the writing system used to transcribe Galactic Basic, the most used language in the galaxy.  Here is a reference, which is printed on the backside of the name tag order form.

After you have filled out the form, proceed to the register to have a cast member create your name tag.  The name tag is a great way to have a personalized Star Wars souvenir from Disney.


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  1. We were just at the Hollywood Studios Launch Bay this weekend (2019/01/13) and they no longer engrave the name tags, which is a disappointment because we purchased blank tags at another Disney Store and were told we could get them engraved there.

    Do you know of anywhere else that can engrave them?

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