TMSM’s Fitness Friday ~ Healthy (er) Disney Food Suggestions!

Hey everyone! It’s time for our Fitness Friday blog!


This week we surveyed folks about what kind of healthier options that they make while on a Disney trip. Now, some say that Disney calories don’t count, and I mostly agree, but we’re trying to find the healthy side of things at the moment. Maybe have better habits? It’s not always easy, that’s for sure. Here are suggestions we received from our readers!

Bob Davis ~ Re. healthy-ish choices, I’ve been happy with Sunshine Seasons at Epcot and Yak & Yeti QS at Animal Kingdom. At Studios, it’s a bit tougher to find well-balanced meals, but I do like the current offerings at the ABC Commissary. MK is pretty much a lawless wasteland, food-wise, so I don’t even try to eat smart there.

Rachel Carl ~ My plan is always 2 healthy 1 naughty when it comes to meals! I stick with kids meals throughout the day because it’s lower WW points and I hate walking around full anyways. My favorites for healthy options are Pecos Bills in MK and Sunshine Seasons in Epcot.

Carrie Clevinger Rings ~ Chicken soft tacos at the quick service restaurant at the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot. Love the light fare after walking all day!

Danielle Leblanc Miller ~ I eat what I want on vacation, but by day 2 or three, healthier options start appealing to me. My body can’t exist on cupcakes alone, and veggies or wraps sound yummy after too much sugar.

Sara Garoutte ~ I try and drink water all day. That helps curb those cravings for junk. Plus the heat makes me LESS hungry. Generally, I try and keep snacks on mell. nuts, carrots, grapes, apple slices…. Things that can easily be snacked on. That way, I can wait for meal times and make good choices. Will I skip the Mickey Pretzel? Heck no, but I don’t go crazy with junk and soda all day long either.

Judy Kern ~ We usually eat a big breakfast and not really snack till dinner. An occasional popcorn maybe….. Its the drinks at Epcot F&W that tend to pack on the calories!

Michelle Velnetske ~nTurkey leg! I love being low carb!

Cheryl Lewandowski-Tokarczyk ~ Good breakfast , light lunch and then a reasonable dinner . We typically are not big on the snacks . I try to do a balance system , if I have something high in calorie I try to shave calories off the next meal.

Susanne ~ Get the children’s portion. It’s enough to fill you up and cheaper!

Karin Hanger ~ I choose salads without the dressing at the quick serve with unsweetened ice tea. I will also eat chicken and vegetables at cosmic rays. When eating at a restaurant I choose low carb entrees and substitute vegetables for rice or potatoes when I can. Mind you- there are times to cheat. But I really don’t eat a lot of sweets. My big splurge is often a Dole Whip shared with hubby.

Laurie Jennings Sapp ~ Did you know that in Morocco you can get a side of hummus and little pieces of pita bread? I love hummus so it was nice when I learned about that. It’s only about $3 I think.

Cora Helton ~ I don’t count calories like I do at home. Estimating portion sizes and ingredients takes too much time from my enjoyment of the park. Instead, I just focus on having balanced meals. Protein-veggie-carb. I try to limit myself to one dessert per day. I just hope that the walking helps balance it all out.

So there you have it for this weeks Fitness Friday blog! If you have anything to add, please tell us in the comments! Check back next week for more!

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