One thing that almost every Disney fan has in common with others,is that we love to eat. Everyone has their different favorites from Disney. Whether it be a particular restaurant, ice cream or a certain cupcake, there is no shortage of different things to satisfy the taste buds. Here are my personal top 10 snacks from Walt Disney World.


10. Mickey Pretzel with cheese available in all the parks. The pretzel is in the shape of Mickey Mouse. The cheese sauce is a great compliment to go along with the pretzel. These pretzels are actually very filling when walking throughout the park to keep you from going broke on all the snacks.


9. Churros with Sanders Hot Fudge at Pecos Bills in Frontierland of the Magic Kingdom. These are smaller churros that are served with a cup of Sander’s Hot Fudge. If you have never had Sanders, this is a snack to try. Sanders is a Michigan based chocolate company that I grew up on and know for their Hot Fudge Cream Puff. It’s a great thing from “home” I can get inside of Disney.


8. Sugar Cookie from Big Top Treats inside Big Top Souvenirs at the Magic Kingdom. This is one of those treats I think, they charge how much for 1 cookie? I always try to look at the amount of snack based on the price. Most of the plain chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies I think aren’t worth the price, but the sugar cookie is. Most of the time, the snowflake sugar cookie is the choice, but they all taste the same, just different shapes and colors.


7. Dole Whip from Aloha Isle in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom is a classic. This treat has been around since 1986 when the Dole company created the addictive snack. The classic Dole Whip is pineapple flavored soft serve. It does have a relative in the Dole Whip Float which adds pineapple juice with the flavorful ice cream. You can get it in other places in addition to Aloha Isle. It’s available in the Polynesian resort and also Disneyland. Contrary to popular belief, the Dole Whip is not exclusive to Disney. In Hawaii at Dole’s processing plant you can get the yummy treat. You can even order the mix online, if you have a soft serve machine, at


6. Citrus Swirl from the Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland of the Magic Kingdom. This is such a refreshing snack. The combination of the tasty vanilla soft serve ice cream with the frozen orange juice just hits the spot. It’s a great way to cool off on the hottest of Florida days.


5. Disney Popcorn is the best anywhere in the world hands down. The smell always grabs my attention whenever I pass by one of the carts popping it fresh. It’s a perfect blend of butter flavor and salt. Now if you buy the popcorn bucket, you can have it refilled for a small free all day. Very affordable snack that almost everyone enjoys.


4. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich from Hollywood Scoops at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Cookies, Ice Cream, Disney…What could be better??  Imagine two oversized chocolate chip cookies and what I say is two heaping scoops of the ice cream of your choice.  This is a snack that is big enough for two or one with a big sweet tooth.  I like strawberry ice cream with it, but any of the flavors are great.



3. Chocolate covered pineapple on a stick from Big Top Treats inside Big Top Souvenirs across from the Dumbo ride in the Magic Kingdom. This is a snack I really enjoy. It’s just a piece of freshly cut pineapple on a stick and covered in delicious milk chocolate.

2. School Bread from Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot. This is one I didn’t try for a very long time. I heard about it and saw pictures but I wasn’t sure what it was. It looked to me, like a bagel with some type of cream on top but that was it. School Bread is actually a sweet cardamom bun filled with vanilla crème custard and topped with glazed and toasted coconut. This is something I really enjoyed. It was very tasty and light. A great snack to tide you over till the next meal.

Now before I get to my favorite snack in all of Walt Disney World, there are many snacks I enjoy from around the property.  Some of those include the classic Mickey Ice Cream bar, brownies from Earl of Sandwich, Tie-Dye Cheesecake from Pop Century, Cinnamon roll at Gaston’s Tavern and I’ll just group it all in one: Any Cupcake!!!

Time for my #1….


carrot-cake-cookie1. Carrot Cake Cookie inside Beverly Sunset down Sunset Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This is a huge fan favorite, even for those that don’t like Carrot Cake. It’s two large pieces of carrot cake held together with cream cheese frosting. This is the snack that is by far my favorite. It’s rich, so you can’t eat it too fast so take your time, and savor the great flavor.

So there you have it, my top ten list of snacks from around Walt Disney World. What one is your favorite, or what did I miss? Please share below.


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