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I had heard that Disney was going to be ramping up security at the parks, but hadn’t seen any instances myself…. until yesterday. On the side entrance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, ALL guests had to put their bags up on the security table, then walk through the metal detector. One security officer looks through your bags, while the other one wands you for metal once you pass through the detector. The metal detectors seem to have heightened their strength because usually my husbands belt never set it off, but this time it did. Disney is on it when it comes to protecting their guests.

I asked the security Cast Members about the new system. They said that the side entrance of the Studios, and just some of the security check points at the parks are making everyone go through the metal detectors. The main gate uses the old system still, and pulls guests aside at random intervals. I was told that Disney is trying to figure out the best way to handle the new system, but that all guests will be checked as an extra security measure. Like I told the Cast Members, you just can never be too careful, so I fully understand why Disney is doing this. Lets try to be patient and cooperative with the Cast Members who are checking our bags, they are doing it for our protection! More info to come as we hear!

*Update! Magic Kingdom already implemented the changes too, as all guests will be sent through the metal detector! Word on the street is that they are trying to work out all the kinks and have a plan in place for full checks by January 17th!

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