TMSM’s Fitness Friday ~ Healthy Snacks!

Last week we introduced our new series, Fitness Friday, as a way to support Main Streeters who were on the quest to get fit for 2017, especially when they have Disney trips coming up!


This week, we talked to members in TMSM Fan Nation on Facebook about their favorite healthy snacks. We got some great snack suggestions, so I wanted to share some of them with you! Here we go!

Cheryl Anderson ~ Carrots and hummus is a personal favorite!

Addie Clark ~ Popcorn, fruit, tea.

Rachel Carl ~ Cara Cara oranges, lite cheddar sticks from Trader Joe’s, Mickey veggie chips and fiberful bars from TJs too!

Sarah Michael ~ Homemade fruit/veggie smoothies. Fills you up and low in calories!

Heather Young Brownies; you said low guilt! But seriously.. red berry Special K granola bars!

Alyssa Degroot ~ I eat a lot of boiled eggs, soy mix and fruit! Also, pretzel thins with hummus dip! Or Ezekiel bread with avocado spread on it topped with a little salt and pepper! Those all are go to snacks for me!

Marilyn Ashley Minerva ~ I like the Blue Diamond nut thins. They are a decent replacement for crackers.

Martha Benes Keating ~ Pretzels, grapes, berries, Skinny Pop popcorn, lite cheese sticks, string cheese, Blue Diamond Roasted Almonds with Sea Salt.

Jamie Taufique Phelps ~ Oreo Thins…4 cookies are 140 calories and it satisfies wanting something sweet. I only eat them once in a great while though…I’m not a sweets person.

Michelle Perkins ~ I love apples with peanut butter! If you eat fruit with a protein it keeps you full longer!

Lenore Boozer Alexander ~ Greek yogurt!

Jessica Giebel ~ My favorite chain store has the best trail mix called handful of everything…. Banana chips, dried apricots, dried pineapple, dried mango, chocolate chips, dried cranberries, coconut pieces, almonds and yogurt covered raisins… So good, so addicting!

Kristy Lakatos Gonzalez ~ Popcorn, any fruit with triple zero Greek yogurt & pickles…….not together though!

Holly Balasia ~ We make energy balls which is peanut butter, honey, vanilla, oats, Rice Krispies, and mini chocolate chips all mixed together. Yum!

Marc Schreiber ~ Raw cauliflower and Catalina dressing for dipping.

Vivianna Torres ~ I definitely recommend some raw veggies such as cucumber, carrots, and grape tomatoes with hummus another favorite of mine but is a little higher in terms of fat but they’re all good fats is apple slices with almond butter. Definitely be very careful with some store bought brands that claim to be healthier when seeking items to include in your diet! I advise anyone to stick to cleaner options, especially in terms of snacking as that’s typically when we tend to binge! Hope this helps!

Len VanDenack ~ Green seedless grapes in the freezer for 20 minutes, soft frozen. They are great. Halos, and almond granola bars.

Susie Wilson ~ Baby pretzels dipped in orange yogurt.

Corey Tucker ~ Whole pepperoni pizza is my go to snack, just means a little extra gym time! (he’s kidding… I think)

Paula Birdie Carolan ~ I put low fat cottage cheese in my bullet with hot sauce and it makes a really creamy Buffalo dip and then I dip carrots and celery in it and sometimes veggies straws or pretzel thins.

These are all great suggestions! For me, my go to snacks when watching my weight are Pure Protein bars, Greek yogurt, string cheese and almonds! What about you? Are you looking to get fit for your Disney trip this year? What are your favorite low guilt snacks? Be sure to tell us about it in the comments! Don’t forget, you can follow along in our Facebook group for more tips and Disney chats at!

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