Strange Disney Facts ~ Tuesdays With Corey

Strange Disney Facts ~ Tuesdays With Corey 1

A list of some of the weirder things that I’ve read about the “World” and the “Land” that we all cherish and love.

  1. All of the flags in the Magic Kingdom are fake except for the one in the center courtyard.
  2. Know which attractions music never stops due to the trouble of shutting it off and rebooting it? It’s a Small World’s music never shuts off. I’m sure that somewhere that The attraction has been used as a torture device of some kind.
  3. When Disneyland opened in 1955 there was a lingerie shop called,”Intimate Apparel, Brassieres, Torsolettes”‘, but it only lasted six months.
  4. In 2007 a woman was arrested for dumping cremated human remains in the”Pirates of the Carribbean” attraction.
  5. President Richard Nixon gave his famous”I’m not a crook”speech at the Contemporary Resort in 1973.
  6. Among things turned into Lost and Found is a glass eye,toilet trainer,and a prosthetic leg.
  7. There is a Great Gatsby-esque painting in the Grand Floridian that is said to have a “hidden” Nazi in it.

I always find it interesting when it comes to facts and fiction of Disney. I know some are blatantly false, but then some of them have a degree of validity. I’m always on the look out for new ones, so if you have some interesting facts about the “World” drop them in the comment section and share them.



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