TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas (crowds)

Hello there everyone! Happy Wednesday evening! Once again, it’s time for our weekly Florida living chat! Lets get started, shall we?


Just like with everyone else, we’ve been busy getting ready for Christmas, or at least trying to. Last Friday we went out and did a little Christmas shopping…… and it was cold outside. Now, before I get jumped on for saying it was cold here, I’ll rephrase….. it was “Florida cold” as they say. The weather was in the 50’s and people around here flip out. The weather forecasters make such a huge deal about 50 degree weather, it’s actually kind of funny. It made me wonder what they’d do if it was snowing? Shut down the schools and roll up the sidewalks? Maybe. I’m finding that I’m becoming a lightweight when it comes to cold weather, as I was actually a bit chilly too, and yes I wore boots shopping. Now, I’m not as bad as a long time Floridian…. you can spot them by their gloves, hats and scarves. I did good, just a hoodie….. and Uggs. I know, I know….. That evening, we were supposed to go walk around Hollywood Studios, but we didn’t because….. well, it was cold! We went to Culvers that’s about a half hour from our house, which reminds us of our Michigan home, as they have them there. Our home visit is coming soon, so we needed to get in some park time. On Saturday, we did just that. Of course it had to be at the Magic Kingdom!


The weather was still a bit chilly on Saturday, but all in all it was really nice. Much nicer than what we’re used to for December. We knew that the park was going to be busy after checking the Disney app, but we had a couple of fastpasses so we thought we’d be ok. We thought wrong. Oh. My. Goodness. The Magic Kingdom was packed. No, it was more than packed, it was ridiculous. I’m glad we had fastpasses, because if we didn’t, there’s no way we would have gotten on any rides. I just wanted to make sure we got some family pictures, which we did, and maybe have a little fun with the kids. The fun was a bit short lived as the night went on. The crowds grew bigger and bigger, like how the parks are the week of Christmas. It was insane. After Elsa lit the Castle up, the crowds were so huge, and weren’t moving, that people were getting short tempered with each other. This poor lady lost her family in the crowd and asked us to borrow our phone. I may actually write about this in a separate blog…. Anyhow, we ended up leaving before Wishes and such, it wasn’t worth the hassle. If it was this bad now, I can’t even imagine how the week of Christmas is going to be. I’m glad I’m not going to be here!



So the week is pressing on, and like most, we are trying to do our best to get ready for the holidays. I seriously can’t believe Christmas is so soon, I’m not ready yet. As time goes on, the longer we live here in Florida, the stranger it feels for holidays and such. Right now, Florida is home, but there’s no family here for Christmas. We go home to Michigan for Christmas, and while we have family there, I’m starting to feel a little disconnected. I’m not sure where we fit anymore, and it’s hard. My parents are the best though, and I’m looking forward to seeing and spending time with them. As I complain about it being cold here in Florida, I see my friends at home in Michigan digging out from the snow. Well, it’s not cold now, our cold front passed and it was in the low 80’s today, which I’m still not used to. Balance….. it’s all about finding balance. But it really “should” be cold for Christmas, shouldn’t it? Maybe that’s why I pulled out my boots last week, just to make it feel more like “home.” I hate winter, but I sort of love winter clothes. I can’t part with my boots, even though I wear flip flops 90 percent of the year here! #FloridaProblems


Well that’s about it for this week. Sorry if I’ve been a bit all over the board this time, the holidays get me a bit scattered, and it’s not even over with yet! I know that Christmas time is hectic for us all, and we can get a bit stressed, but it’s good to TRY to remember the meaning of the season and extend some extra kindness if we can. I know I’m going to try too. Until next week, sending you lots of love, blessings and pixie dust! See ya real soon! ~M

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