Happy Wednesday Main Streeters! Wow, Wednesday already.  This week has been flying by! The kids had a long weekend from school, so we’ve been pretty busy as usual! Lets jump right in and catch up on this weeks happenings!

So yes, the kids had Friday and Monday off this past weekend, and living where we do, of course we had to think of somewhat of a plan, being that we had extra time with them. We got work done during the day on Friday, then made plans to head out afterwards. One of our long time Main Streeters, Paula, and her family were in town and she wanted to meet us, so we tried to fit that in. She and her family were at Epcot, but the boys wanted to go to Hollywood Studios. How do you fix that? Well, we decided to park at the Studios and take the boat to Epcot to say hello to Paula and company. Lately, we have a rule that we don’t go to Epcot on the weekends during Food and Wine. It’s so darn crowded, and the kids get pretty miserable, so I bribed them with a boat ride and snacks. The boat was nice, but took longer than I realized. They make stops at the Swan and Dolphin and all the resorts along the Boardwalk before getting to Epcot, so I was running a pinch behind. By the time we got off the boat, we had to speed walk to where our friends were, because they had a FastPass time, and we didn’t want to hold them up. We got there, visited for a bit, then turned right back around and left Epcot. Did I mention that it was crowded? It’s so funny, because when you live near Disney, you do things so differently than when you’re on vacation. I’m glad I got to meet Paula though, it was worth going over there for.


After walking out the back entrance of Epcot, we had a decision to make. Do we take the long boat ride back to the Studios, or do we walk back? I let the boys decide, and they chose to walk, which surprised me. So, we started trekking back, and it’s really a scenic route. We walked past the Beach Club, Yacht Club, Swan and Dolphin, and the back of the Boardwalk. You stroll along the water, and it really is a pretty walk to take. We have never done that before, so it was pretty enjoyable. We were a little tired by the time we got back to the Studios, but we walked around for a bit, got some popcorn, and headed for home. The parks have been so busy on the weekends, we really haven’t done a whole lot lately. I can’t remember the last time we have been able to get FastPasses for the good rides on the weekends, it’s just packed! But, at least we can take a walk, see some fireworks, have a snack, and still be at Disney. Not bad for a Friday night.


On Saturday, we went to Universal Studios to yet again, walk around. The parks are busy there too, so we didn’t go on a single ride. That’s ok though, it’s still fun. The main reason we went to Universal was to check out the props and merchandise for Halloween Horror Nights. Have you ever gone to that? Each year we talk about going, but we don’t go. I hate being scared…. like, really hate it. If someone jumps out at me, my heart can’t take it, I’d end up on the floor. BUT… that being said, part of me is SO curious about HHN. The theme and set up is pretty cool. They have houses for The Walking Dead, one of my favorite shows, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Exorcist, and American Horror Story, to name a few. We stood outside the gates and got pics and video, and my little guy started to get nervous. He doesn’t want to go in a place like that, and truthfully, I think it would be too much for him. If I’m being honest, it’s probably too much for me too. But I don’t WANT to be a chicken, I swear! I just can’t justify spending money on something that I might not end up staying for, it’s not worth it. When I was a kid, my dad took me in some haunted houses at Halloween time. He said it would be fun, and put me on his back. It wasn’t fun, I’m scarred for life and now I can’t go in them. Thanks Dad. LOL Maybe someday I’ll get the nerve to go. It’s funny because when you walk around and see them setting up the booths, there are a TON of bars to choose from. Maybe people need some liquid courage to stick it out the entire evening? I know I would! It’s interesting how DIFFERENT Universal does Halloween from Disney. I can handle Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, that’s much more my speed.



While most of the country is enjoying Fall weather, we’re still sweating down here in Florida. Like I’ve said before, I really miss the change of seasons, especially this time of year. Michigan is beautiful in the Fall. The leaves change color, you can pull out your jackets and go to the pumpkin patch or apple orchard, get some cinnamon donuts and cider….. sigh. Down here? You can go to Publix and get a pumpkin for 5 bucks… in your shorts and flip flops. I bet you can get a cinnamon donut there too. It’s just not the same. The weather forecasters are making a HUGE deal this week, because this weekend temps will be in the low 60’s at night. We laugh, that’s nothing. But that’s the vast difference between here and Michigan. Up North, we love weather in the 60’s, we don’t panic and go buy space heaters! It’s a whole new world down here, no pun intended.


In addition to everything else going on, we have been trying to plan a schedule for our big meet up on November 12th at the MK. I’m so glad we looked, because the times are all different that day, the 3 O’clock parade isn’t at 3, it’s at 5:00. Sigh. It’s going to be a busy day, but we’ll make it work. I’m really looking forward to a fun day. You can get more info on our events tab on our Facebook page. Well, that’s it this week. As always, thank you all so very much for keeping up with us each Wednesday night. Our staff and I appreciate you all more than you know. Until next week, sending you lots of love, blessings and pixie dust! See ya real soon! ~M

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