Disney Park Etiquette ~ Don’t Be “That Guy!” (Revisited)

I was looking through our site history, and came across our second edition of our Don’t Be That Guy at Disney series, and thought it would be fun to revisit it. These articles are just for snarky fun, no harm meant! Well be doing an updated version soon! Thanks for reading!



Recently, I did a blog titled “Mickey’s Philharmagic Etiquette ~ Don’t be That Guy” and our readers really loved it. The feedback was great and you all asked for more. So, after pondering a bit, and getting suggestions from our Main Streeters, it’s time for another version of “TMSM’s Don’t Be That Guy!” Instead of focusing on a particular attraction, this one is for general park etiquette. Don’t worry, there’s plenty more where this came from, these are just some suggestions from various Main Streeters who have spotted “That Guy” while at a Disney Park. Have you seen him too? Lets find out…….

1. Space Invader Guy ~ Oh, you know him! That guy who gets right up behind you while standing in line for a ride. The guy who doesn’t know about personal space and thinks that breathing down your neck will make the wait go by faster? Yes, him! If you’re close enough to tell what kind of shampoo the person in front of you uses, you might be too close!

2. Hair Flipper Girl (Guy) ~ This one goes along with Space Invader Guy. This girl is standing so close to you in line, that you feel her hair flipping and hitting you in the head, arm, back, etc. It’s a very unsettling feeling when you’re hot and tired, and you feel someone else’s hair on the back of your neck. Yuck. I had this one happen to me last week and it wasn’t fun! Leave the hair flipping to Rapunzel, or back up a good foot or two!

3. Line holder Guy ~ This one is becoming more and more popular. Picture it….. You are standing in line for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. You’ve waited almost an hour in the heat. You see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s almost your turn. Just then, the guy in front of you waves in 27 of his closest friends to hop in line in front of your group. This happens ALL the time. Doesn’t quite seem fair to those of us who have been waiting our turn. One or two people is fine, but when it’s a family reunion sized crowd, it just makes everyone upset. Don’t do that, the people in line behind you will be appreciative!

4. Backpack Guy ~ Ohhhh, dear Backpack Guy. The guy who has a full backpack and swings it left and right and smacks you with it in lines. What’s funny, is my husband is totally that guy! I’m always telling him to watch it and don’t be “Backpack Guy” because he’s hit me with it many times! Be careful!

5. IPad Fireworks Guy ~ It’s crowded, you’re waiting for Wishes at the Magic Kingdom, or say the projection show on the Castle beforehand. It’s just about to start, and boom….. someone has their IPad above their head, and you’re watching the show through their screen. No one wants to see the show through someone else’s electronic device. I’ve been guilty of it, recording things, but I try to keep my tablet at eye level so I don’t disturb people behind me. All you have to do is think for a second, and remember you’re not the only one wanting to see the show.

6. Non-Deodorant Wearing Guy ~ Enough said.

7. Attraction Narrator Guy ~ Do you know all the words to your favorite attraction? Can you recite right along with the Ghost Host in the Haunted Mansion? Good for you! Just don’t scream it for everyone else around you to hear. We’re not impressed. We pay to be at Disney to get Disney’s version, not Larry from Cleveland Ohio’s version. Some things are better left unsaid!

8. Kid on the Shoulders Guy ~ This one is similar to IPad Guy, only with a human being blocking your view. We all want to see the show, even my kids are too short to see at times. I either look for a better viewing area or tell them to look up. This one happens a lot. Again, common courtesy for those around you, we all payed to be there, and we all would like to see the show!

9. Steam-Stroller Guy ~ Strollers are to be helpful for you and your children to get around better, they aren’t steam rollers. Don’t use your stroller as a weapon. Last week on the ferry boat this woman behind me was in fighting form with her stroller, and rammed into the back of my legs twice, then over my flip flop, trying to push her way off the boat. I just turned around and said “really?”… I held my composure, but not everyone would have. Don’t be Steam-Stroller Guy, the backs of our feet will thank you for it!

10. Scooter Commando Guy ~ Just like with Steam-Strollers, scooters can be just as damaging. It hurts getting hit with a scooter, ask my younger son who was bleeding after leaving the Magic Kingdom one night after being rammed in the back of his little legs. With no apology to boot. Just as people should be mindful of people in scooters, the people on them need to cut us a break too! No need to go rogue on a scooter, you’ll still get to where you need to go without leaving injuries to other guests in your path, I promise!

Well, there you have it, the second edition of “That Guy” but the Main Streeter Suggestion version. Either you said to yourself “I know That Guy” or maybe even “I’m totally That Guy!” It’s all taking in light hearted fun, sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh, we’ve all been there at some point. Thanks for all the fun feedback! Keep those suggestions coming, and if you know “That Guy” and would like to see your thoughts posted in a future blog, go to TMSM Fan Nation on FaceBook and tell us about it! Until then….. don’t be “That Guy!”

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2 thoughts on “Disney Park Etiquette ~ Don’t Be “That Guy!” (Revisited)”
  1. It’s great !!!! I know all of these guys and of course I identify myself as a Backpack Guy like your husband.

    I have got some other guys.

    The Occupy Guy.

    Goes around in a party with minimum eight people of all ages. He occupies the best seats for the fireworks right in time (120 minutes before). He defends all the seats with all means. Just a few minutes before the Show, all the other guys of his party arrive on the scene an just as the show starts, they decide to leave bacause the children are tired.

    Just want some more about these guys.

    Best wishes from Hamburg, Germany

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