Disney Traditions~ Pooh and Friends Photo Spot at Disney Springs! Is it one of your favorites too?


Do you have a favorite photo spot any place on Disney property? I do. Well, actually I have a few of them. The one I’m referring to at the moment is the spot at Disney Springs where you can sit on a log with Pooh and his friends. It’s right near the carousel, across from Earl of Sandwich. I always see a line up of people there, waiting to take their kids photos, and I always think back.

When I had my first son Andrew, I couldn’t wait to take him to Disney. Some said he was too little to take on a Disney vacation, but I didn’t care. When he was 11 months old, we took him to Disney for the first of what will be many trips. It was a great experience honestly. I took tons of pictures of Andrew that week, and one spot that ended up being a favorite one was the Pooh and Friends area at then, Downtown Disney, see picture above. From that photo, a tradition started. Once Aidan came along a few years after Andrew, he got in on the photo action. Each Disney trip, I always am sure to get a picture of the kids and I at that location. It’s something I seek out. Not long ago, we were at Disney Springs walking around, and I came across the line of people, waiting to get pictures at this location. The boys and I waited too, so I could add a recent photo to our collection, see pic below. I think it’s great to have little traditions with your family like this. Photos are memories that last a lifetime! Do you have a favorite photo area too?


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