First Trips to Disney ~ “I’m Scared, What if I don’t like it?” By Crystal Waugh-Poplin


I’m Scared.. What if I don’t like it? By Guest Blogger, Crystal Waugh-Poplin

Growing up I thought that all the GREAT things happened in Orlando! Disney, Nickelodeon, Mtv all the great shows and games and places had happenings there in Florida. Finally when I was like maybe 12, I finally got to Florida and my family never went anywhere cool! #CRUSHED..

But now let’s fast forward, I’m 27 years old. My daughter is turning 1 and my father in law is like “Hey, Lets go to Disney World!” Words cant explain how excited I was! I’m a planner.. So I go into planning mode. I join Disney groups, make Disney friends, start a ticker countdown to the day.Then it HITS me… What if it isn’t what I think it is… What if its like” Just OK” like some people would say. It would kill the dreamer in me.

So I went to my husband.. Who had been to Disney and I came clean.. I’m scared. What if it isn’t what I dreamed it to be? He burst out laughing.. and tells me “No worries.. You’ll love it.”
The day came.. I was in Disney World!!! We drove all night and checked into ALL Star Sports Resort. The size of Disney property just left me in shock. The moment came, I walked into the Park and seen the castle. I just cried. I wanted to run and do everything! I wanted ears! I wanted to meet Mickey! I wanted to ride the tea cups. We went to 2 parks on our first visit. Magic Kingdom and Disney Studios(MGM). We left Disney and went home and I instantly planned a week long trip for the very next year and every year after.

Let’s fast forward again.. I’m 38 years old now. Life threw us a curve ball and now we’re Florida residents, we have annual passes and go to Disney World about once a week. We walked in the other day and was standing in front of the castle looking down main street, and my husband elbows me and says in a whiney girly voice “I’m scared, what if i don’t like it>”. We had a good laugh and walked off arm in arm to AdventureLand to go on Pirates of the Caribbean. I wondered? Was anyone else so excited they were scared their first visit? Tell us about it in the comments!


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