New Parking and Access Gateway Coming to Disneyland in 2018

August 11, 2016 , ,


Disneyland is getting a brand new transportation hub and parking structure in 2018 to help support the upcoming Star Wars expansion. The new parking structure will have a new transportation hub on Manchester Avenue to replace the current one. The new hub will support bus, hotel shuttle and taxi drop off and pickups. A pedestrian bridge over Harbor Boulevard will connect the new structure and the parks.  The new seven-story parking structure will have 6,800 parking spaces.

Disney intends to create a new transportation hub, parking structure and a pedestrian bridge over Harbor Boulevard connecting them with Disneyland and Disney California Adventure ahead of the opening of ÒStar WarsÓ land in its signature theme park. Above, a view from the south end of the parking structure off of Disney Way. (Rendering courtesy of the Disneyland Resort)

Sadly as a part of this project, it has been confirmed that The Carousel Inn and Suites that Disney bought in October 2015 will be torn down to make way for the pedestrian walkway.  It was also confirmed that there will be a new security location prior to the bridge. This parking garage, transportation hub, and pedestrian bridge over Harbor Boulevard will make it easier and safer for park goers to get to the parks.

While construction is slated to start in 2017, guests of the park can already see where the new building will be situated as Disney has already started some preparation of the space next to the Carousel Inn.

Piles of dirt mark the spot where Disney is planning a new bus drop-off area between Manchester Ave. and Harbor Blvd. in Anaheim. A new pedestrian walkway is planned from the bus drop-off area to Disneyland at the current location of the Carousel Inn (bottom of picture) ///ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Slug: Disney.NewParkingLot.0811.jag, Day: Wednesday, August 10, 2016 (8/10/16), Time: 2:26:43 PM, Location: Anaheim, California - New Disney Parking Lot - JEFF GRITCHEN, STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

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