Today In Disney History ~ August 9th


The Hollywood Walk of Fame awards people and fictional characters of notability in the film, television, music, radio and theater industry a star a a permanent public monument in honor of their achievements. There are fifteen fictional characters that has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Of the fifteen eleven were for motion pictures and four are in television. All five of the Disney fictional characters that have received a star in the Motion Picture category of the Walk of Fame.  Mickey Mouse was the the first animated character to receive a star in 1978 in honor of his 50th anniversary.
Donald Duck was inducted on August 8, 2004,and received the Hollywood Walk of Fame’s 2,257th star in honor of his 70th birthday. His star can be found at 6840 Hollywood Blvd in front of the Walt Disney-owned El Capitan Theatre and Disney store in Hollywood. Daisy Duck, Mickey Mouse and Michael Eisner were in attendance for the ceremony.

donald-duck-walk-of-fameOther Disney characters with a Walk of Fame star include Snow White (1987); Winnie the Pooh (2006); and Tinker Bell (2012).

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