Good Morning Disney Ohana. It’s Thursday, and a new day. The events of the past week have shaken our community to the core, and we have tried to do the appropriate reporting and be as respectful as we can. I’ve found myself at a crossroads, not knowing what we should and shouldn’t talk about or post.

We have heard your feedback, and we’re going to try to press forward and get back to bringing you little bits of Disney magic each day. This does not mean whatsoever that we’ve forgotten about the tragedies as of late, because we sure haven’t. As a staff, we hate seeing our readers so sad, and if we can bring even a little smile to your face in the midst of all the sadness, then we’re doing our job right. We will of course bring you any additional news regarding the past weeks events if we hear anything else. But for now, we are sending you all a smile, hug and a pinch of pixie dust to start off your day. As a Disney family, we will get through this together, I know that. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do. Try to have a better day, we will try too. ~M

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