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May 23, 2016

The goal of this blog series is to factually prove or disprove rumors, myths and mythconceptions in the Disney-verse.  This week’s TMSM Mythbusters reaches into the archives of the TMSM Fan Nation. In the past we have asked them to tell us what myths and mythconceptions they would like us to research for them. So


Disney Park Myths:

“Looking down Main Street at the castle the street expands. If you turn around – say at Casey’s in Walt Disney World and look out if the park – Main Street is considerably smaller looking down the street. Is this an optical illusion?”
Actually it IS an optical illusion!  “A set-building trick known as forced perspective makes the castle appear even larger than it actually is” is used on Main Street. At higher elevations, the proportions to full scale are reduced for elements such as stones, windows, and doors making the buildings.  Imagineers used  forced perspective when designing Main Street and the park Castles. At Disneyland larger bricks are used at the ground of Sleeping Beauty Castle, and they get smaller on the way to the top to make the castle look bigger than it is.  Making this myth, confirmed!

Mythbuster confirmed

“If you buy  Mouse Ears in the Magic Kingdom you can have them embroidered for free in the parks?”

Unfortunately this myth is busted right from the start, so I won’t even lead you on. When you buy select ears, you can in fact have them embroidered, but Disney will not embroider them for free. There are two types of embroidery. Basic and Premium, the difference between the two is basically the fanciness of the font. On occasion certain fonts or thread colors can not be used on select ears, but CMs will help you out when you are filling out the form to have your ears embroidered. One thing many people don’t realize is if you buy ears from the Disney Store, if you bring your receipt to the parks you can pay to embroider those.  Another cool option is you can order them through the Disney Parks Merchandise line on the phone (877-560-6477) or by email ([email protected]) and have the embroidery done before the ears ship to you!! I was told by the nice CM on Main Street when I was checking on this option that the email option tends to be the best because they can email you the order form which shows you the current font options. So while this myth is busted, hopefully it helped you learn something new!!
TMSM Mythbusters Busted“Disney doesn’t allow real alligators on their property; it’s bad for business.”

Once again this myth is busted. While I am sure Disney would love to make the waterways on property alligator free for a multitude of reasons,  I can say without a doubt there are real “gators” on property. Last March we introduced you to “Poly Gator” on our Facebook page. Poly was just hanging out by the new DVC Polynesian Cabanas while we were touring them.  Also let’s not forget the baby gators on the “Living With The Land” tour, and all the other confirmed gator sightings you can find on YouTube. From what I can find Disney does monitor the gators that are reported, and if they get over a certain size they are relocated to areas away from the parks and Disney guests.


Regardless of their size, guests should remember alligators are wild animals and should never be approached or fed!
TMSM Mythbusters BustedDCL Myths:
One of the Disney Cruise Line Mythconceptions we were asked to look into was that “you can get Dole Whips on a Disney Cruise.” We have seen chocolate, vanilla, mango, pineapple, and banana on board, but sadly no Dole Whip. While I “don’t do” pineapple or pineapple flavored foods my trusty partner in Disney Myth-ploration Drew does. In his words “while it is pineapple tasting, it doesn’t really taste LIKE Dole Whip” which would explain why the Cast Members were saying “no, this isn’t Dole Whip.” Disney Cruise Line also confirms they do not carry Dole Whip on board, so this mythconception is sadly busted.
TMSM Mythbusters BustedIf you have missed any of our previous TMSM Mythbuster articles and would liked to read them, please feel free to visit our archives!


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