Hi Everyone, Happy Wednesday!  I hope this evening finds you well, and that you’re ready for our weekly chat!

If you read along each week, you know how busy we usually are.  It’s non stop. Well, this past week I’ve been a little under the weather, so I’ve been laying low.  Nothing wrong with giving yourself a break when you need it, right? Well, it’s not like I’ve done nothing…. but for me, it’s a break! Last Friday we ventured out to see the new Captain America movie. The boys in my house (all three of them) have been so excited about seeing this movie for months, and even though I wasn’t feeling great, I went to Disney Springs with them to see it. Marvel movies are something that I’ve had to grow accustomed to, being the only female in my house. They’re good, don’t get me wrong, but all those action sequences make me dizzy, I actually have to take motion sickness meds to go see Marvel movies! I took my little guy to the bathroom before the show started, and was greeted by a Main Streeter unexpectedly while I was waiting in the hall for him. I can’t tell you how great it is to meet people who follow what we do, it does my heart good. So, thank you Mitch for saying hi! If you haven’t seen Civil War yet, take some dramamine and go, it’s pretty good!


Saturday we stayed home all day till evening. My friend Fran and her husband were in town, so I wanted to make sure I went to see her. I hadn’t been to Disney all week, but we went to the Magic Kingdom for a few hours for fireworks and ice cream. The park was somewhat crowded, especially at parade time and for Wishes. So, what do you do when there’s no place to stand? How about hit the ice cream parlor? Worked well for us! As strange as it sounds, I don’t usually get ice cream and such at Disney, it’s rare. But I had the waffle cone sundae Saturday night and it was awesome. The waffle bowl is amazing, I didn’t realize how much I was missing! I may have to get one of those again…… like, soon!



Sunday was Mother’s Day. I hope all you mom’s out there enjoyed your day! We did! I still wasn’t feeling great, so, gasp, I didn’t want to go to a park. I know, I know….. Instead, we grabbed some towels and chairs and took a drive to Cocoa Beach for the day. Being at the ocean, feeling the nice breeze, was just what I needed. Even though we don’t live really far from the beach, we don’t actually go too often, but I’d like to change that. It doesn’t cost anything but gas to go to the shore, and it’s really a gorgeous day out of the house. My kids love it too. We bring sand toys, snacks, and just enjoy. I couldn’t have asked for a better Mother’s Day. See, relaxing is a good thing, right?


This week has been quiet. I’m still not feeling great, so I missed a media tour at Sea World on Tuesday for their new coaster, Mako. Disney Springs is having grand openings this weekend for their new section, and I was invited to a media preview of Sprinkles, the new cupcake store there. I’m going to try to make that one! I mean, it’s cupcakes, right? Yum! I’ll be sure to tell you all about it! We’re trying new things with the site and social media. The live feeds on Facebook work, but they cut our reach in other areas, so we’re working on YouTube. Did you know you can watch live feeds from YouTube? You sure can! Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you get alerts when we go live. We have a lot of great things coming that you won’t want to miss, so follow our various social media outlets to stay in the know! That’s it for this week! I appreciate you all keeping up with us each week, and the feedback you leave! Until next Wednesday, sending you lots of hugs, blessings and pixie dust! See ya real soon! ~M

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