Mickey Mouse Balloon Cookies ~ How to Make Your Own!


We all love Disney Balloons, right? I know I do! They are one of my favorite things to take pictures of whenever we go to a Disney Park! If you’re a balloon fan, here’s a cute idea for you to try at home, Mickey Balloon Cookies! Follow these instructions to bring some Disney Magic to your kitchen!

From http://www.ontheflipsidebaking.com

Each cookie is made from 2 separate cookies “glued” together with royal icing. I flooded a round cookie with white royal icing and then sprinkled with white sugar crystals. Then I flooded Mickey shaped cookies with royal icing tinted yellow, purple, pink, red, turquoise, or blue.

After the cookies were dry, I placed a small amount of royal frosting on the back of the Mickey cookie, and pressed it onto the front of the round cookie. I hoped they would look like the Mickey balloons that you can buy at the Disney parks.


I wanted to attach ribbons to the cookies to make them look more like balloons… so before baking the round cookies, I use a decorator tip to poke a hole in the bottom of the cookie dough.

You can use pre-made sugar cookie dough from the grocery store to make the cookies! Special thanks and credit again to ontheflipsidebaking.com for the adorable idea!

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