Today In Disney History ~ April 19th

Today In Disney History ~ April 19th


Riders then queue at newly installed loading gates. The trains are unchanged from before, but they no longer glow in the dark. Pulling out of the loading station and approaching the control tower while receiving the safety spiel (unchanged from before), the trains make a 180-degree turn and come to a stop at a holding brake, and wait for the train in front to clear the block on the lift hill. After a few seconds, the holding brake is released and the trains roll down a drop into the strobe tunnel. The strobe lights flash at a slower rate, but the frequency rate gradually increases as the train progresses down the tunnel. A repetitive warping sound signifies an energy charge as the riders roll towards a blue orb. At the far end of the tunnel, a field of stars appears as the blue strobe lights turn off. As the train starts its 180 degree turn to the lift hill, the white flash of a strobe light is seen. This is actually the flash of a new on-ride photo camera.\
Another train may pass by the riders climbing the lift hill. It is also possible to make out riders on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority passing through the lift hill bay, as well as riders on the other track climbing the lift hill. At the top, riders descend a short drop and then descend through a series of turns, sharp climbs, and steep drops in the darkness of the mountain. The ride ends with trains passing through a red swirling wormhole and then hitting the final brake run, before returning to the unload station.”

TMSM Today in Graphic by Sherry Rinaldi DeHart; Wiki

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