This recipe from Disney Family combines two of my favorites, Disney Princesses and sweets! Here’s how you make your own Snow White Candy Apples!

What You’ll Need

6 red apples

6 wooden craft sticks or cake dowels

1 bag of pure white candy melts

White decorative sanding sugar

How To Make It

1 Insert wooden sticks into the center of the apple near the stem. Set aside.
2 Create a double boiler using a glass or metal bowl placed over a slightly smaller saucepan filled with boiling water.
3 Place candy melts in the bowl and stir until fully melted.
4 Holding the stick of the candy apple, spoon melted candy over the top and sides of the apple until coated. Twist apple to allow excess candy coating to drip off back into the bowl.
5 Sprinkle sanding sugar over apple. Place on a clean plate or tray to allow the candy coating to harden.

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