Breaking News! Rivers of Light Opening Date Moved at Animal Kingdom!

The all new Rivers of Light show was scheduled to open on April 22nd at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but we are learning today that the date has been changed. Here’s the scoop courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog~


With the expansion of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we’re excited to give Guests even more opportunities to celebrate the magic of animals and nature as day turns into night. While we’d hoped to debut these offerings on April 22, unfortunately, they will not open as planned on that date as we give the team more time to bring these innovative experiences to life in a way we know will exceed our guests’ expectations.

We’ll share more information about timing on the Disney Parks Blog by mid- to late May. We checked in recently during rehearsals of two key elements of the nighttime experience at Disney’s Animal Kingdom: the dramatic water and light show Rivers of Light, and the new nighttime magic at the Tree of Life.

This image from a recent rehearsal of Rivers of Light illustrates a bit of the beauty and complexity of this innovative blend of water, light and original music that brings with it so many firsts.

This video of the iconic Tree of Life shows how the centerpiece of Disney’s Animal Kingdom will truly come alive with swirling animated imagery that tells enchanting stories from nature.

That’s the official word from Thomas Smith at Disney Parks. Stay tuned to TMSM for more updates as we hear!

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