My Disney Valentine

February 14, 2016 , ,

Today being Valentine’s Day I wanted to write a blog that goes out to my Valentine.  The head writer, blogger, coordinator, media relations and the girl who runs everything here at TMSM who is also my Valentine today, yesterday and tomorrow.

When Michele and I went on our first date all the years back, I knew that night I was going to marry her someday.  I never dreamed the things her and I would have been through both good and bad, but it’s made us who we are today.


Michele is the one that introduced me into Disney.  I had been to the parks when I was younger, watched the movies, knew all the characters but I never “Got” it.  She showed me a side of Disney I never saw before 2008 and little did I know that it would change my life to what it’s become today.

With my background and technical experience we decided to build The Main Street Mouse.  It wasn’t always easy and still isn’t today, but because of her heart and dedication we have turned TMSM from a simple website for Disney fans into a career that makes it’s possible for us to work together all day, we spend our free time together and we have been asked by others, including a certain moderator, don’t we get sick of one another?  How do we not kill one another doing everything together?  5915417_orig

The answer is pretty simple, we love one another.  Everyone has fights, everyone has problems and everyone goes through them.  Its how we handle them and work through them that keep us strong.  Having a business that intertwines into our personal lives put a little more strain on things, but I couldn’t think of a better person I would want to spend all this time with.

My love for her grows more and more each day and I can’t imagine my life and what it is today without her.  She has given me more things than anyone, and I don’t mean material possessions.  She taught me about life, family and being there for others Through all our good times and rough times she is always there to push me a bit or give me that pat on the back when I need it or that shoulder to cry on and move on to the next chapter.

I write this to my best friend, my business partner and her most important title in my life, my wife.  I love you Michele and I look forward to each and everyday we are together and I look forward to where our journey is going to lead.  You are my Valentine not just today, but everyday.



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