Today In Disney History ~ January 22nd

Today In Disney History ~ January 22nd


The Wormwood Forest radio show was created for WSM in Nashville. has several episode’s of Wormwood Forest, including the episode Walt, Mickey and Donald appeared on online for fans to listen to. In episode 490122, around the 9:30 mark the Disney gang appears and Walt has Mickey explain to the Wormwood Forest group they are looking to film footage for opening scenes for “So Dear to My Heart” and background shots of an “a forest with ancient trees, wild and bent and weathered” and “an old rundown haunted house” and an “old inn, ancient hotel, far removed from the world of today”
Wormwood was a series “written by Tom Tischner, the series features a number of fun characters including hotel assistant Frankie Frog (who often gets poked with a fork), secretary Tallulah Tobacco Worm, Suzie Skunk, the temperamental Siamese Pretty Kitty, Postman Possum, Grandpa Fox, Oleander Salamander the philosopher, Timothy Turtle, Barbara Q. Pig, Gerald Grasshopper, Eager Beaver, Swindler Q. Fox, Swami Salami, Henrietta Hen, Muscles Muskrat and Sherlock Hound.
And of course let’s not forget Dippy Dwarf who runs the Dwarf Waldorf Hotel for the animal friends.  The Dwarf Waldorf Hotel sets the stage for some fun antics and conversations between the variety of animal characters with occasional musical numbers.  This is a simple and gentle children’s show that is a joy for people of all ages.”

TMSM Today in Graphic by Sherry Rinaldi DeHart; Show info from; and

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