TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Changes and Moving Forward

Hey Everyone! It’s Wednesday evening, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time again for our weekly chat, our Adventures in Florida living update! I know a lot of my friends to the North are dealing with snow this week. Down here in Florida, we’re having our own version of winter, with temps in the 40’s overnight. No, it’s not snow, but it’s cold for Florida. It’s funny to me, as a Michigan girl, to see locals here wearing hats and gloves when it’s not remotely as cold as it could be. So, other than chilly temps….. lets talk about what else is going on, shall we?


I’ve only been back to our Florida home for a week and a half, but it already feels like so much longer. Christmas break seems like forever ago, and I’m already missing my family and friends. Things are always changing, but I do my best to roll with the punches. Oh, speaking of changes…. sigh, the Osborne Lights are done. I’m not sure why I was dreading this so much, but my gosh, I really was. The kids had homework and such last Wednesday night when the lights shut off for the last time, so we didn’t go. We did however go check out the Osborne Lights area Friday night. As I mentioned earlier this week, seeing that area now is SAD. I walked through the Streets of America in the dark, and it was pretty somber. I took a little video of it too, and I’ll share it again below in case you didn’t see it. To look around and see the ghosts of magical memories was very surreal. I know Disney is always changing, but sometimes change is hard, isn’t it? For me, most times! It was nice to wander around the Studios though. The kids spent some Christmas money on light sabers, we ate at the ABC Commissary, and watched the Star Wars fireworks. Not a bad night overall.

The following day, we decided to get a little more Disney time in, and we went to the Magic Kingdom in the afternoon. I hadn’t been to the MK since before Christmas and I was missing my favorite park. As we were walking in, we caught the very end of the parade, got a drink from Starbucks, and walked around to kill some time before our first fastpass. The park was pretty crowded, but we rode the people mover and waited for Buzz Lightyear since the boys enjoy that one. By the time it was our turn for the Haunted Mansion, it started to rain. I swear, I checked my weather app on my phone on the way over and it didn’t say it was going to rain all night. After looking again, I saw that the forecast changed and our evening was going to be pretty soggy. A big reason that I wanted to go to the MK that night was to see the Castle lit up one more time before the season was over. It seems like the holidays went by so fast, and I don’t think I got enough time to enjoy them. There’s something about those Castle lights though…. it’s breath taking, magical, beautiful….. just so many words can be used to describe how amazing the Castle looks for the Christmas season. It was pouring down rain, but I was insistent on getting a few more photos of the Castle before we left. I stood near the hub and got soaked, but it was worth it. After taking some final pics, we went over to the Contemporary to the Contempo Cafe to eat dinner. I have to say, that is one of my favorite walk ups on Disney property. They have this awesome turkey sandwich with fresh chips that’s always a hit! Not to mention their dessert case! So our evening was cut short due to rain, but we did have fun.



I’m sure in the next few days we’ll see Christmas fully disappear across Walt Disney World. Sure, it’s time, it’s January, but I’ll miss the lights. It’s time to look forward to what’s coming up next, like Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival for example. WDW is undergoing a lot of changes, and it will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. My kids are excited for more Star Wars at the Studios, I’m excited to see the changes to Soarin’ at Epcot once the refurb is done, there’s just a lot coming. What about us? Well, I’m not so sure what the coming year will hold. I’m optimistic though. It’s funny how things change, and CAN change in the blink of an eye. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t even predict anything anymore, so we just wait and see. I’m looking forward to doing more videos for the site though, since it’s something our readers have been asking for. Hopefully Disney will give us plenty of options for things to get footage of, so stay tuned!

Well friends, that’s it for this week’s update. I hope you all are doing well and staying warm! As always, thank you so much for keeping up with us each week, and for being part of our extended Disney Ohana! Until next week…. sending you lots of love, blessings and Disney Magic! See ya real soon! ~M

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