A Disney Girly Girl With Little Boys…… What?

Re-post of an article I did a couple months ago about my boys…. enjoy! ~M


Ever since I was little, I was a girly girl. From birth my Mom put me in frilly dresses, socks with fold down lace edges, shiny shoes…. heck, even my underpants had ruffles on the butt. She dressed me like a baby doll. When I got older, I wasn’t into lacy socks and such anymore, but yes, always was quite the full on girl. I still am, I’m a self proclaimed grown up Disney Princess! When I was growing up, I always wanted to have a little girl of my own, to play dress up with, watch Disney movies together, have Cinderella tea parties and such, so I always assumed that would happen. I mean, come on, how could someone like me NOT have little girls? HA! Well, God had other plans.

When I was in my twenties, it was finally my turn. After years of going to Disney World and seeing families with their children, and little girls walking around in Princess dresses, I was finally going to be a Mom. I was scared and excited, just full of so many uncertainties. One thing I was certain of…. I’m getting my own little princess! Yep, a girl, she’s coming. Everyone else thought the same thing too. Four months had gone by, and it was time to find out what the baby was. It was then, in the ultrasound room, my hope were dashed. The technician said, “Congrats, it’s a boy!” She printed out the little picture saying “it’s a boy” too….. just as proof of course. I was shocked. Yes, I was grateful that I had a healthy baby with all his fingers and toes, but a boy? What in the world was I going to do with a boy? I had always thought I’d have a Disney Princess…… but, I had a Prince instead. He came out with his hair parted to the side like Prince Charming, just a beautiful boy, and my heart was full. So, when he was 11 months old, I took him to WDW for his first trip, and I realized, I can show a boy the Disney life just the same…. plus, there’s always next time, right?

Lets fast forward 2 1/2 years. I was 4 months pregnant again, this pregnancy was totally opposite. I was tired, sick, different cravings, it was a lot worse than the first time. So you know what that means, according to family and friends? It’s a GIRL this time! Yes! I was going to have one of each! So here I go again, ultrasound room….. waiting to hear that I’m getting my Princess…. and…… “Congrats, it’s another boy!” What? Can’t be, it’s so different than with my first! I’ve been nauseous for months, I’m not craving oranges like last time, etc! So silly now that it’s after the fact. It goes to show you that old wives tales are wrong, and symptoms and such sure don’t predict anything when it comes to this stuff. A second baby boy was born, and he had complications. He wasn’t breathing right, and we had quite a scare. He still has asthma issues to this day, he’s a little smaller too. But all in all, he’s ok, and I’m blessed with not one but two amazing boys. Yes, when the second prince was 11 months old, he also had his first trip to Disney World, and it was amazing. My mom always would say things to me like “you won’t understand until you have kids of your own.” She was so right. A mothers love is fierce….. and so strong. I never knew I could love someone so much, until I saw their faces. Seeing them at my favorite place in the world was just icing on the Mickey shaped cake.


As you can see in the pic above, there I was, for the very first time in front of my favorite Castle, happy as can be with my two little Disney Princes. They’re still Disney kids, and I’m thankful for that! It’s so funny, how life doesn’t turn out how we think it will. We have these visions when we are kids of how things are going to be, but truly, there’s no way of knowing what’s in store. So, even though I thought there’s no way someone like me could handle a being a mom of a couple of boys, low and behold, I could, and I did. Andrew and Aidan are a blessing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Disney love is universal, loved by all, and I’m glad we got to have all this Disney fun, with more to come, regardless of there being no princesses. Wait…. I’m still the princess in my house, so see, it all works out!



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3 thoughts on “A Disney Girly Girl With Little Boys…… What?”
  1. I got 3 princes before I got my princess, but she is really nothing like the princess I had hoped for! She loves Buzz and stitch…hates the princesses…but she loves Disney just like all of them and they are starting to instill the same love in my grandchildren…Disney love comes in many different forms!!

  2. My first child was a girl; her bedroom was decorated in Winnie the Pooh and she loves all things Disney. Four years later I found out I was having a boy and actually cried, because I, too, had no idea what I’d do with a boy. We took Teresa to Disney for the first time when she was 3-1/2, and didn’t go back until Kyle was five, and she was nine. But he was also raised on Disney, and even thou the has scant interest in the princessy stuff, he lives Disney like it’s his job. I took them to WDW in 2013 for Easter, in 2014 to celebrate their 8th grade and high school graduations, and this past July we were in Disneyland on the day of the 60th anniversary. Teresa was accepted into the College Program and is going to spend February through August living and working at WDW. I have a princess and a prince. Which makes me the Queen, I suppose!!

  3. Michele it is as if you were writing my story. But sat 30 years earlier. And no ultrasound. LOL! I two wanted a girl. I too have two boys but mine are 71/2 years apart. I had given up on having anymore kids the previous summer and sold all my baby stuff. LOL! That fall Nov. I thought I had the flu the doctor said he needed to do the pregnancy test . well you guessed it I was preggers. I keephink as I was carrying this one different it would be a girl. No another boy. That’s okay. The kids would all end up at my house the boots would be playing street hockey and the girls, well lets just say they lived getting the dress up chest out and having tea parties. I hope you had some nieces you could have tea parties with.

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