Showing A Bit More Caution, but Not Living in Fear (Disney edition)

Showing A Bit More Caution, but Not Living in Fear (Disney edition) 1


Usually on Thursday evenings we discuss random acts of kindness with a Disney spin. Due to the events across the world in the past week, tonight’s blog is a little different. Yes, we still need to share acts of kindness, but I also think we need to be mindful at our Happy Place as well. Just go with me on this one……

As you know, last Friday there were horrible terrorist attacks in Paris. Disneyland Paris was closed for a few days afterwards, and we had readers ask us about the Disney Parks here. People were curious to know if anything had changed, if security was now tighter, and of course, do we think it’s safe. Although the circumstances were different, this reminded me of how afraid people were after 9/11. So, what do we do? Live in fear? Be more cautious? I sway to the side of caution.

Since last weekend, I’ve seen police officers around Disney property much more. The security checks have been a bit longer as guards were taking more time to search bags. The same went to the parking attendants, where people either show their passes or pay for parking. Cast Members have been really in tuned to what’s going on, and we should be appreciative of that. Something less than cautious, and less than smart happened on Tuesday by the parking attendant booths at the Magic Kingdom. While waiting our turn in the car line, all of a sudden we heard Cast Members yelling loudly, “Get back in your car!” The lines to get into the MK parking lot were long and crowded, and everyone stopped to look, curious as to what the Cast Members were so upset about. There was a van who put their hazard lights on, parked the van on the side of the road, and four people got out and starting walking towards the booths. The CM’s jumped into action right away, they were yelling, instructing the people to get back in the car, but the group kept walking, ignoring the instructions. This to me, and to others at the scene, was very upsetting and alarming. Who would do such a thing, especially considering the horrible things going on in the world right now? The CM’s got things under control, but you could tell people were shaken. Heck, I was scared too. No, we can’t live in fear, but people also need to realize that their actions could cause unnecessary panic. Just trying to avoid paying parking fees? It’s just not worth it.

In various places on social media, I’ve seen Disney fans talking about their upcoming trips, and some are asking if they should cancel their Disney vacations. I’d say no to that. Living in fear, and not doing the things we enjoy, only lets evil win. We have to be strong, and push forward. Living so close to the parks, I’ve heard more helicopters and such flying around patrolling. At first it scared me, but after some thought, it made me feel better that people were alert and watching. You have to look at it in a positive way, or the fear creeps in. I know it sounds easier said than done…. However, if we all come together and keep doing what we love, it’s probably best. Also, if we respect the hard working CM’s and listen to their instructions, that would help too. They want to keep us all safe and do their jobs the best they can. So, don’t be “that guy” when it comes to these things. Don’t park on the side of the road and try to walk inside a park, don’t get frustrated at the CM’s who take longer to check our passes or go through our bags. They’re doing their job to ensure that guests are safe.

So go, enjoy Disney World and Disneyland. Don’t be afraid to go to the places that you enjoy so much…. just keep your eyes open and be mindful. Using a pinch of common sense goes a long, long way, and together we can overcome the worry of the current times. Thank you all for reading, and thank you for joining us in the continued support to those who need us. Until next week, sending you a lot of love, blessings and pixie dust! ~M

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