Today In Disney History ~ October 24th

Today In Disney History ~ October 24th


Disney started dismantling the Sorcerer Hat on January 7, 2015.  It took several months to remove.  It originally took three months to build the hat. The hat itself is 100 feet tall and with the stage and ears came in at 122 feet tall. It weights 156 tons which is roughly the same as 19 grown elephants.
The hat weight (the brim and hat only, excluding the ears and support structure) is 27 tons of that 156. The concrete in it’s foundation at 1′ in depth can cover an entire football field. There were 91 panels for the hat,18 sections for the brim. The hat also has decor the included 18 spirals/light ribbon, 6 stars, and 2 moons (but no hearts, shooting stars, clovers, or golden horseshoes) and lights.  There were 13,493 bolts and 26,986 washers holding the hat together and there was 17,000 feet (or 57 football fields) of underground utility piping.

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