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The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival (being held now until November 16 at Epcot in Walt Disney World) is an embarrassment of riches. We’ve already written about how the festival highlights the unique awesomeness of Epcot, interviewed the executive chef in charge of the event, and rundown our list of merchandise must-haves. But that’s just scratching the surface on all that Food and Wine has to offer. We were there for four days and feel like we could have easily been there a week more, just trying the food from all of the different kiosks (you can read some of our favorites over at Oh My Disney). And there’s tons of stuff to do outside of walking around World Showcase and Future world, sampling these different foods.

So, without further ado, here is (almost) everything else to do at Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.

Remy’s Ratatouille Hide & Squeak


This scavenger hunt ended up being one of our favorite aspects of Food and Wine, so let us break it down for you: you go to one of several stores in Epcot (including Disney Traders, Festival Center, Pin Central, Port of Entry and World Traveler) and buy a map and stickers for $7.95. Then you go around to the different pavilions in world showcase and look for a small Remy statue, with some kind of ingredient. You match the appropriate sticker with the pavilion and bring the sticker back to the Port of Entry shop (before the end of Food and Wine) and receive an exclusive, limited edition pin. This may sound simple but it’s harder than it seems, and the Remy statue is amazing look (it was built based on the original character design files from Pixar). Since it took us a couple of days to complete, let us offer some tips: look towards the special Food and Wine kiosk at each country and in the main thoroughfare. And look up, he’s often hiding in the scaffolding. Take these tips to heart and your trip through Remy’s Ratatouille Hide & Squeak will be even more fun!

Eat to the Beat Concert Series

Food And Wine Festival

One of the most awesome features of Epcot Food and Wine is the Eat to the Beat concert series, which features a host of musical talents performing entirely for free. The concert series is held in the American Adventure pavilion and the sound is great. While we were there Wilson Phillips was performing and were totally terrific. The Eat to the Beat Concert series is definitely worth holding on for one more day.

Exclusive Tastings


During Food and Wine we took part in extensive, exclusive tequila tasting at the Mexico pavilion. It featured several courses and was taught by an ambassador from Mexico, who offered breezy, informative presentations between tastings. The food, too, was some of the best we had all week. And this is just one of the many country-specific tastings offered during Food and Wine. If you want to really indulge in a specific country or flavor profile, then this is a perfect way to take a breather from the Food and Wine circuit, rest your feet and stuff your face.



You should definitely make your way to the Festival Center, which is located in Future world in the old Wonders of Life pavilion. (It’s in between Universe of Energy and Mission: SPACE and has a gold domed roof.) This is where a lot happens, including The Chocolate Experience: From Bean to the Bar – Hosted by Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, where you can see sequences from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Up, The Jungle Book and Avengers: Age of Ultron created entirely from chocolate and get a super-strong shot of hot chocolate. (The gooey chocolate drink had us wired for a while.) It’s also where you can take a variety of informative and educational classes, like the Back to Basics sessions (where you “discover epicurean tips and tricks from the pros”). While you’re in the Festival Center, be sure to grab your Festival Passport (get it stamped at every kiosk and keep track of what you eat and drink) and watch the seven-minute short film “The Making of the Food and Wine Festival” and have a new appreciation for the enormity and complexity of the annual event.



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