How to have a ghoulish time at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!!!

How to have a ghoulish time at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!!!! by Guest Blogger Tempest Storm

wdw2014260120906574_7052363680Mickey’s Not` So Scary Halloween Party or MNSSHP as it is referred to is a time of year to celebrate not only ghosts and goblins but also the fall of the year. Disney goes all out with their decorations to truly showcase the festivities. The buildings on Main Street are draped with the golden colors of fall and jack-o- lanterns ( Mickey shaped of course) are hung up on the light poles. Giant pumpkin scarecrows are there to greet you as you walk in with some great photo ops.

The party officially starts at 7 but Disney will allow you entry at 4. This is great if you want to ride rides, grab a bite to eat, or visit The Pirate’s League for some Halloween make-up fun. I recommend you do not use a park ticket on this day, instead take a break and relax to get ready for the night ahead. It can be quite tiring, especially for the little goblins in your group.

wdw2014259120826288_7059209076The meet and greets during this party is incredible with a lot of characters you will only find during MNSSHP so you have to make a few choices. This is when a lot of villains are about so who is your main goal of seeing? If you can see them on any given trip to the Magic Kingdom I wouldn’t make them a priority. Lady Tremaine, the step-sisters, and Gaston are all out on a regular basis so try to find the less common ones. If Jack Skellington or the 7 Dwarfs are on your to-do list you will need to get in line for them around 5:45 to 6 at the latest. I know it sounds early but you really don’t want to spend the party in line any longer than necessary and these two have the longest lines and odds are you are only going to get one of them. You will also find Tarzan, Terk, Jane Porter, Abu, Genie, Jafar, Queen of Hearts, The Old Hag, Cruella Devil, Dr. Facillier, Maleficent, and The Evil Queen to name a few. This is by no means the complete list. You will need your own camera for most of these. I did not see a lot of Photopass Photographers out.

wdw2014259120851582_7062015335If we are going to talk Disney we have to talk food!!! There are a lot of treats that are only available during the party. There is a Candy Corn Ice Cream Cone that has real candy corn in the cone, the Spiced Pumpkin Waffle Sandwich at Sleepy Hollow is YUMMY!! There are special offerings all over the park so don’t be afraid to try some. There is also trick-or-treating going on. The treat bag they give you when you walk in is cute but you really should bring something in to empty the bag into. Disney is not stingy with their candy and it is good stuff. We didn’t hit half of the locations and my son had about 7 pounds of candy. You will also find special pins and merchandise that are only sold during the party and if you are into Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game, don’t forget to pick up your special card for the party.

The entertainment for the event is great as well. The Boo To You Parade is incredibly done, filled with villains and characters led by the Headless Horseman. It runs twice a night and even if parades are not your thing you really do not want to miss this one. At the Diamond Horseshoe you can dance with an assortment of villains. My son loved dancing with Cruella and Dr. Facillier. There is always something going on at the castle. The last few years it has been the Villains Mix and Mingle which is being changed for 2015. I can’t wait to see what will take it’s place.

If you are a Wishes fan then don’t miss the Hallo-Wishes spectacular. The scenes on the castle change for the event and the fireworks are amazing as only Disney can do. This event will leave you oohing and aahhing through the night. MSSHP is expensive though. It is around $70- $75 a person and that is if you buy in advance but in my opinion, it is so worth it. I highly recommend not riding the rides, the party only lasts for 5 hours and it goes by quick.

A few last minute tips. Dress-up!!! Don’t be shy or scared. This is one of the few times Disney allows adults to dress up. There are a few rules to what you can wear. Nothing offensive, No face masks, nothing that could be seen as harmful or a weapon.There are a list of rules at the Disney site. If you do Memory Maker make sure you ask for magic shots. There is the hearse driver at Haunted Mansion and the Hitchhiking ghosts around Rapunzel’s Tower. In front of the castle you can get the poison apple Magic Shot. And the best tip I can give you…Let loose and have fun!!! Boo-To-You!!!!

wdw2014260120892560_7062022066Tempest Storm (wearing black) lives in Navasota Texas and is a self proclaimed Disnerd. She is a mother of 4 wonderful Disnerds and married to the best nerd of all.

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