A few weeks ago, we told you about a special Star Wars loving boy named Wes, who is currently battling cancer for a fourth time. Wes is undergoing treatment away from home, but something magical happened to him and I wanted to share. Here’s an update from his Facebook page!

These last couple of days of chemo have been okay. Wes has felt nauseous and on Tuesday night he had a headache but nothing else beyond that. Wes will have chemo through Saturday and I pray the rest goes well. He is being given IV fluids in the backpack around the clock so he stays hydrated. His appetite is starting to return but because he is still skinny we have talked to the team about putting him back on something to help with that. Yesterday morning our cousin Lela arrived and we showed her some of the city.

We went to the Disney store to window show and Wes fell in love with the Star Wars section. Wes saw a few things that he wanted but knew we couldn’t get. Just as we were getting ready to leave a woman approached me and said that she and her husband were moved by seeing Wes and wanted to buy him whatever he wanted. With happy tears falling, I hugged her and thanked her. Wes picked what he wanted and she told him to get more. She even let him pick out something for his brothers back home. Wes later told me that he felt bad for getting too much. Thank you Rob and Melissa not only for the Star Wars shopping spree but for blessing my family and putting a smile on Wes’ face. Thank you for this true random act of kindness.

How wonderful is that? These sorts of acts of kindness remind us how much good we can do by extending any type of gesture to someone who needs it. I’m so happy that Wes got to experience some excitement and happiness in the midst of all he’s going through. God bless him, and the couple who spread that magic to him. To keep up with Wes and his family, you can follow them on the Facebook page linked below. Thanks for reading our weekly kindness blog! If you haven experienced a random act of kindness with a Disney spin, please write in and tell us about it, your story could be featured in a future article! ~M

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