Loot Crate Review August 2015 – Theme: Villains 2

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The August theme for Loot Crate was Villains 2.  I was excited when I heard this was the theme, as I have always liked the villains, they are the reason for the super hero in the first place.  So of course I was excited wondering who it would focus on.

My thoughts instantly went to comic villains.  I wondered if it would be Marvel and feature Loki or Thanos or any one of many many other great Marvel villains.  What about DC?  The Joker who in my eyes is the Villain of all Villains.  Even more than in the comics, in the films and television.  Everyone who has played the Joker has done something different with the character and always gets praise.  From Cesar Romero who played the original on the television series to Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger (my favorite) and Jared Leto in the movies, it’s a character that has so many levels of crazy that each actor adds more to him.  In addition to the comic villains, I hoped for something from Darth Vader or Boba Fett.

I did get my comic wants, sadly no Star Wars,unless you count Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) who voiced the Joker in the Batman: Animated Series.  Either way this was an awesome crate.  One I’m very excited to own.  Lets start the review!!!!


This month’s crate was more of a rectangle than square and it was a bit taller than others.


Oh boy, right off the bat, the Marvel name starring me in the face and look at the Joker on the lid.


Lets look inside that Marvel box first.  It was a molded coffee mug of Venom.  This is a really cool cup and very detailed.  It says it will hold 16oz’s so it’s not a small mug.  I did read there were two different mugs, either Venom or Carnage.  After seeing the picture of the Carnage mug, I like the Venom one better.  Something to put on my shelf, never to drink out of.  That would destroy the value.


This is really cool, it’s a wooden Joker figure.  I haven’t opened it, again that would destroy the value, but the head is interchangeable and the arms are posable.  A great little figure for the Joker fan.


Anyone who knows me, i’m a HUGE Captain America fan.  He is by far my favorite Super Hero, but this crate isn’t about the good guys, its about the evil ones.  This is a EFX prop replica of the Hydra pin worn by the bad guys in the films.  It is authentic and hand crafted using the original digital files of the actual screen prop.  This one is so cool, I had to open the package to see it.



If you were a fan of the AMC show, Breaking Bad, you will recognize this logo.  This was the featured fried-chicken restaurant chain that was used for money laundering and illegal trafficking.  A very cool item to have.


The box design was very cool this month, I love the colors and designs and seeing the Joker wooden figure on it was a bonus.  The button this month features that evil grin of Venom.  The magazine had a game to match the villain to their quote and a story about the Villains of Batman.

This is one of my all time favorite crates.  I really loved all the items in it and glad to have this one.

Have you subscribed to Loot Crate yet?  Honestly it’s a great monthly surprise.  You never know what is in the crate till you get it, the only thing you know is the “Theme.”.

If you want to get your own crate in September, make sure you go to http://www.lootcrate.com/TMSM and sign up today so you don’t miss out.  You can purchase just a single month crate with shipping and everything it’s under $20.  It gets a bit cheaper if you purchase multiple months in advance.  This also makes a great gift for the gamer or geek in your life.  They will love this gift, that I promise.

The September theme is “Summon”.  I don’t have any other details but from the picture you can see the outline of Pikachu and I also see Homer Simpson so I have no idea what all could be in this one, but I will share it with all once I have it.

Thank you for reading my review.  If you do want to subscribe, please use http://www.lootcrate.com/TMSM and then enter the code NEW3 at checkout and you will save $3 on the price.

Please note, by using the link above, a portion of the sale is given back to The Main Street Month for sharing this review.

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