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I saw this on the Official Disney Blog and I wanted to share it with others.  Personally I have always been interested in animation and I love to draw, so when Pixar came on the scene and grew as a company, it’s been one of those companies I admired and wanted to learn more about.  Earlier this year, when they finally released a Non-Commercial version of RenderMan (the software used to make 3D animation) I was excited and of course am still learning about it when I have time.

The new Pixar In A Box, I think, is a great way to get the kids of today interested in animation.  When I was a kid, everything was different of how animation was done and it’s exciting to see what the future holds for animation.  It’s one thing to be able to bring a character to life on paper, but to be able to create that same character in 3D on a computer and bring them to life is awesome.


Pixar in a Box, a new online resource that explores the academic concepts behind Pixar Animation Studios’ creative process, went live on KhanAcademy.org on Thursday, August 27. The free online curriculum uses video lessons, interactive exercises and hands-on activities to help students discover how the academic concepts they learn in school enable Pixar filmmakers to create movie magic. Pixar in a Box has been designed especially for students in middle and high school, but the resources are available to learners of all ages. “Learning makes us beginners again,” said Ed Catmull, president, Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios. “In my experience, creativity involves missteps and imperfections, which is one more reason it is important for every one of us to keep learning—in order to remain flexible and keep our brains nimble. By working with Khan Academy on Pixar in a Box, we hope to encourage the excitement of learning and creative thinking for middle and high school students and to provide the tools to do it.”



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